Just because you’re running a micro business doesn’t mean you can’t ACT big!

Getting serious about your marketing is essential. It needs to happen. Digital communication is a vital consideration of any small business marketing strategy.

This top-10 list is a great start to both getting your plan written down and your digital activity right.

    1. Goals … Set some! Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve? Make them measurable and realistic so you don’t set yourself up to fail.
    2. Audience… Check where your target audience hangs out. Join them there so you’re always talking to the most relevant people.
    3. Analyse competitors… See what they’re doing well and how you can take inspiration from their communication activities.
    4. Be selective… Choose the correct social platforms for your business. Note points two and three in this list again. You aren’t obliged to use every social media channel that exists. Be realistic with your time and your capacity.
    5. Audit your current activity. Use the insights/analytics to really find out what works.
    6. Do more of what works… Once you have worked out which activity gets the best results, do more of it!
    7. Invest in your own training… Talk to people. Network. Read blogs. Go on courses. Join Facebook Groups. Join our membership club for Solo business people – become a #SavvySolo! Keep up-to-date with changes in the social medial channels you use for your business.
    8. Prepare your content carefully… Address your audience. It’s for them. Engage. Chat. Listen. Don’t just push messages at them.
    9. Stay consistent… Make sure the most appropriate person is delivering your social content consistently. Something needs to go out daily.
    10. Enjoy it and be patient… Success on social media is not always immediate. Your goals may take 3–6 months to achieve, but if you keep at it, success will come.

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