2021’s proud moments!

by | Jan 10, 2022

WOW, what a year 2021 was!

Between covid and everything else that happened in the last 12 months, it’s been a lot! We at MINT just want to say how proud we are of you and how far you have come. We asked everyone on our social media “what were you most proud of in 2021?” and the answers were so phenomenal we want to share them with you…

Gillian Smellie

“I started my business (as a sole trader) in July this year. I didn’t know if I stood a chance or was, to be frank, Pi**ing in the wind. I hand eco-print textiles and this weekend an established textile artist told me she “loved my work”. The word “work” meant everything to me. It was recognition and acceptance.”

Helen Johnson

 “Creating a viable business, which still gives me plenty of time for self-care and to be around Anna. Started the year with 1 retainer client, sending the paperwork out today to end the year with 7.”

Moira Barnes

“Getting to the end of the year being at capacity until February but also being strict about my work boundaries so I’m not run ragged. Such a difference from the start of the year.”

Peter Surridge

“Going Limited, setting up new office and team and of course the amazing successes we’ve had with Kickstart – with loads of opportunities created and filled with young people looking for a start or career break.”

Lena Archbold

The best thing was being able to have more time with my family and friends, having two holidays abroad treating family for a business class flights. I will never forget my daughter’s face. Being spontaneous, jump on a train and have a great time with my daughter in London and then driving to Liverpool with my children and all these was created in a space of three months while my online school has been working for me.

“That is it, my business has been working for me harder while I have been having more time to enjoy life, meeting friends and having more fun. Do not get me wrong, I love working, but these days is all about smart way of working and more time to enjoy every moment in life.”

Victoria Stewart

“The best thing was making it through lockdown and then setting up in my own treatment room. Clients have stuck with me and I’m building a bigger client base through word of mouth! I’ve made some great connections with other businesses/people. I may also have a website by the end of the year!!”

Racheal Straughan

 “Having my husband back after him being stuck in the USA for 15 months. Building Mayfli to the point 2022 I can start taking on sellers. Recovering my business after a really bad experience with Etsy to the point I had to start from scratch.”

Ann Ball

Having enforced time allowed me to transfer course manuals online and evaluate my work hours. I am a changed person since lockdown, I used to be available 7 days a week and now I work in the job 2.5 days (but the rest I manage from home).”

Dan Bowes

Getting to my 7th Business Birthday has really made me reflect on not only the past year of jam-packed parties… but also made me look back on how much I’ve grown into myself as a person and how I run the business. All the serious change for people Dan has gone and the full of fun, laid back and chilled Dan is here.

“I really don’t give a if someone decides they don’t like me, the way I talk, walk or dress. The way I run parties or have fun there’s someone out there who’ll confirm for them. I’ve had the best year ever!

“I’ve ran a community event dropping near 100 filled to the brim easter baskets off to kids around Consett supported by my local business friends and connections. I created, although a limited run subscription box of cocktails and Treats, pop out my cocktails every week to people all over the North East, almost back at full capacity for parties and looking forward to pushing consultancy and training packages again next year.

“2020 was diabolical but 2021 has been the best and so grateful for where I am and how I’ve got here”

Liza Johnson

“Just been doing a review so:

  1. Employed more staff
  2. Eradicated most business debt
  3. Grown the wholesale side of Tea Enthusiasts
  4. Took Discovering Durham to financial stability
  5. Appearing on podcasts, press releases and training
  6. Improved quality of my business network
  7. Sorted backend accounting issues
  8. Organised a hyper-local trade fair
  9. Became chair of Durham BID
  10. Gained more clarity in my journey and direction”

Lara Mellor

“I now have a steady income stream with a band of associate trainers to call on when I’m too busy. I have a far better work/life balance by only running training courses from Monday to Thursday. This allows me time to do all related paperwork, keep myself upskilled in all the changes happening and run my holiday cottages while still having time for myself and the family. I know this is 2 things but 1 led to the other in some ways!”

Warren Milburn

“Meeting loads of great people with all their help, advice and support. It’s because of all of them that we made it to our 1st birthday in August.”

Rachel Hunter

“Still having a business and seeing growth that I could never have imagined.”

Gavin Forster

“Best financial year in 10 years of hard graft. More shoots than expected and planned for and this is only from April…was meant to be going from Jan!”

We’re so excited for next year to be stuffed to the brim with hard work, goal setting, reflection and learning. Our planner for 2022 is made to help you make the most of the year and is available now!

We at MINT would just like to thank each and every one of you for an absolutely fantastic 2021 and we’re so excited to work with you again in 2022!