5 tips to make an Instagram come-back

by | Jan 17, 2022

So you took a break from Instagram, now what? Running a small business is hard work. Remembering to post on social media is just another sprinkle on the cake. Whether it’s because you’re working on a really big project, family commitments or just life generally getting in your way. Whatever is happening “OMG I need to post on Insta” is not always going to be thought number one of your day.

“It’s been a month or two, and I’m ready to come back! But wait, why do I feel so nervous about posting, a little guilty too!?”

Don’t worry, that’s normal. Take a deep breath and get straight back in there, no one will be mad you haven’t posted. It’s one of those situations where you can be your own worst enemy.

Now you’re ready to post…. What do you post?


Social media platforms are noisy and people may not have noticed you were gone if it was for a short period, they probably thought your posts were eaten by the algorithms and they just hadn’t seen them. If not, there is so much content on Instagram that people possibly haven’t missed you – it’s nothing personal! If it has been a while, more than a couple of months, still don’t apologise, make a re-introduction post! “Hello, I’ve not introduced myself in a while! I’m #name# and I do #this#.”

2. Plan a handful of topics

Make-up topics and, if you need to, schedule them if you don’t think you’ll stick to posting directly to the platform. It’s not always recommended but if you know it will be a struggle it’s OK to schedule. Being consistent will be very important. Posting spottily and sparingly will be worse as people will assume you are not very there and not put as much trust into you or your brand.

3. Post old

If you are struggling to think of something to post, then post an old post that did really well! It’s better to just put something out there.

4. Go live!

Go live if you can! Going live is always good for engagement, getting people up to speed on what you’ve done, show off!

5. What’s popular?

Read up on what’s popular on Instagram! Make some reels with trending audios that apply to you, see what relevant hashtags are doing well, the Instagram official blog is a fantastic place to just keep up to date!

If you’re looking for something to post in the 2022 planner we have monthly goal setting, reflection and planning pages that can be turned into content! There are also notes and ideas pages where you can scribble down your post ideas! 

 Let us know how your Instagram re-boot goes! Don’t be afraid to get out there and just start posting again! 

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