About MINT Business Club

If you’re self-employed or run a micro business, and you’re feeling a bit stuck, a little lost and in need of support, advice, and a group of likeminded people to keep you accountable, then you’re ready to be MINT!

MINT Business Club was founded by Nicola Jayne Little in 2019.

As a business owner and professional digital marketing trainer working with training providers across the North East, Nicola was meeting people every day who she quickly realised needed more support than just training.

Learning was a part of being self-employed – a big part – but there was something missing. That something was a TEAM. Being self-employed can be a lonely place, and many of the business owners Nicola was training found they didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off and keep them accountable once they left the training room.

Frustrated by the lack of follow-on support her training cohorts were receiving from their providers, Nicola came up with the concept of combining regular training with elements of mentoring, networking and socialising – a place where business owners could find their team and grow their businesses.

And that place is MINT! 

The year that followed changed everything.

During 2020, MINT transformed from being a club that met once or twice a month to be being online, all day, every day.

We delivered months worth of training in a matter of weeks, because our members were lost. Most were working from home, many had to shut their businesses during lockdown. Others saw their businesses growing at a pace they weren’t ready for and everyone needed our support more than ever.

But not only that – they needed each other’s support too. Over the course of 18 months we saw friendships being formed before our eyes (mainly thanks to Zoom!). Members were developing accountability groups, buying from one another, helping and supporting each other every single day.

It was a joy to watch and be a part of.

What emerged at the end of several periods of lockdown and various restrictions was a business club that now delivers:

  • Live online interactive training three times a month
  • A monthly planning and goal-setting session
  • Playback training, bonus recorded sessions and self-serve training courses
  • Regular networking, formal and social in-person get-togethers (North East members only)
  • A ‘safe space’ Facebook community group
  • A weekly Monday Motivation Facebook Live video
  • Access to one-to-one calls and mentoring sessions
  • Bootcamps for those ready to take their businesses to the next level
  • Access to the MINT planner and diary – twelve months of worksheets so you can PLAN, DO & REFLECT with MINT
  • Access to Beyond MINT services including the Government’s Kickstart scheme and accredited funded training

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MINT Business Club is run by Nicola Jayne Little with co-director Paul Smissen. They are supported by a team who joined the Club as members on their own business journey fell in love with the ethos and now support Nicola and Paul steer the company! Together, their knowledge and experience is truly MINT!

Nicola Jayne Little

Chief MINT, Trainer & Mentor

Suzanne Whelan

Compliance & Funded Training Manager

Alan Sawyers

Marketing & Business Advisor

Peter Surridge

IT Manager & Consultancy