About MINT Business Club

If you’re self-employed, run or work for a small business, and you’re feeling a bit stuck, then MINT is for you. If you need training, support, advice, and a group of like-minded people to keep you accountable, then you’re ready to be MINT!

Liza and Nic

MINT Business Club was founded by Nicola Jayne Little in 2018.

For over a decade, Nicola ran her own business working as a professional trainer across the North East and Yorkshire, meeting people every day who she quickly realised needed more than just training.

Continuous learning is a part of being self-employed – a big part – but when you work on your own, something is always missing: a TEAM. Being self-employed can be a lonely place, and many of the business owners Nicola worked with didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off and keep them accountable once they left her training room.

Frustrated by the lack of follow-on support when the training courses ended, Nicola developed the concept of combining regular training with additional mentoring, networking and socialising – a place where business owners could find their team and grow their businesses.

And that place is MINT! 

Neurodiversity and changing worlds transformed everything.

2020 was a year everyone will remember. And for Nicola, two things happened that changed her and her business.

Covid took MINT from being a face-to-face membership group, meeting once a month, to delivering something online every single day.

And then, an ADHD diagnosis in October compounded the complexities of working with and supporting over 150 small business owners.

Since then… Nicola launched Celebrate Difference – a social enterprise founded to support neurodiverse people in business – in October 2021.

And then, to top it off, she bought the oldest building in Consett in February 2022 and converted it from a derelict former hotel and pub into The HUB – a thriving community space mixing business with leisure by opening a retail/cafe space alongside co-working and business training facilities.

Fast Forward to now…

As an organisation, we evolve…

Although we will be forever thankful for the opportunities that online learning has given us, as a membership, we have found we can serve our community much more effectively face-to-face. Nothing can replace the conversations we hear during our in-person events, training and masterminding sessions.

And now we recognise the strengths and additional challenges that neurodivergence brings to some of our members, we are continuously working on making the MINT programme as inclusive and supportive as it can be…

Our MINT Business Club monthly schedule now includes:

  • One full day live training session at our headquarters in The HUB Consett
  • The opportunity to watch any training on playback at any time
  • A private Facebook group
  • Retail MINT members are stocked in the Market place at The HUB Consett
  • Hot-desk at The HUB Consett from Tuesday to Saturday each week

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MINT Business Club is run by Director and Founder Nicola Jayne Little. She is supported by a team who joined the Club as members or attended training whilst on their own business journey, fell in love with the ethos and now together, their knowledge and experience is truly MINT!

Nicola Jayne Little

Chief MINT, Founder, Director, Business Mentor

Donna Tunney

MINT Market Place and The HUB Consett Manager

Liza Johnson Image

Liz Johnson

Operations Director, Coach and Business Mentor

Alan Sawyers

Freelance Design & User Experience Consultant

Peter Surridge

Freelance Web Developer & IT Consultant