We’ve all had 12 months of “you’re on mute”…. a year of partners, kids and cats camera bombing us.

We did the Zoom wave, we had the Zoom laughs, we saw the Zoom lows.

We’ve all struggled to find the right head space for training when we’re sat in our kitchens.

We’ve all had meetings with someone sat on (or in some cases IN) their beds.

Now, as we start to think about getting back to normal… and fingers crossed it’s for good this time… we need to start setting some guidelines.

So before you join a session with us… THINK… MINT!

THINK... MINT! Graphic explaining new rules

  • Have Breakfast First – we’re all busy! But you wouldn’t sit in a face to face training session with toast and cereal. OK maybe you would, but we would prefer it if you didn’t.
  • Arrive On Time – whether it’s a MINTie or an external trainer delivering a session, it’s just good manners to arrive on time. For future session, we won’t be allowing anyone onto calls after five minutes, unless pre-arranged. It also looks bad in our recorded replay videos when the trainer has to stop to welcome someone 20 minutes in.
  • Wear Pants – ok, most of us do! But by this we mean try and dress appropriately as you would for a face to face session. It’s good for your MINDSet to get up and get dressed.
  • Camera ON, Mic OFF – when you join a call, it’s best to keep yourself on mute to avoid background noise and interference. And because we’re a small group of like-minded folk who know each other (or want to get to know each other), we’d prefer it if everyone kept their cameras on, just so we know you’re there and you’re engaged.
  • Plan For The Full Session – if you’re not sure if a training session is right for you, please find out more before joining. There’s nothing worse than a trainer seeing people leave a session part way through. And if you’re taking part in accountability sessions, please hang around and hear what everyone else has to say – accountability is a group effort and we have seen some members join a session, say their bit and leave. We’d rather you didn’t do this.

That’s all for now! If you have any feedback on these rules, please let us know.

Nic & Team MINT x

Shouting about business growth at a time like this?

Shouting about business growth at a time like this?

Is it the right thing to do?

It almost seems uncouth to mention it. With so many people struggling, I’ve had so many conversations with business owners who’ve been reticent to speak about the positive impact this current time has had on them and their businesses.

It’s totally understandable.

In the face of such difficulties, staying quiet about success, pivoting and lessons learned is an option that many of us would choose. Who wants to be seen as that braggart that is shoving their successes down our collective throats?

But here’s the thing, so many of us are craving positivity, WANT to read about small successes, WANT to celebrate with you. We crave any news that points to the day when the Pandemic is behind us and we can all move on in the world.

We want to hear about the lessons you have learned, those moments when you’ve gained clarity, decided who you are and what you’re about.

Genuine positivity can breed positivity.

An inspirational moment could lift someone up, give them something to aspire to, make them believe that they too can push on. But it has to be genuine and authentic. Making stuff up to create a mirage around what’s really going on in your business isn’t going to cut it.

We’re social savvy.

We know social media channels can often be a curated feed of particular moment when behind the scenes, all hell is breaking loose!.

All of our social media content, the blogs we write and the business communications we push out exist to provoke emotions, to get a reaction from our audiences to make them think, feel, buy into our values and ultimately support our brands.

So, whilst we may not want to stand on the top of the mountains “bragging” about our amazing fortunes, I really do believe that sharing some positivity, wins big and small, is ok to do.

Not just ok to do, but necessary.

Please tell us your good news so we can celebrate with you.

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