Getting Together is MINT… Two Years On!

Getting Together is MINT… Two Years On!

Yesterday, September 13 2021, we held our first in-person taster session since early 2020. And it was MINT!

I was so nervous – like never before – to meet new people, engage face-to-face and actually be able to see our guests engaging before my very eyes. Zoom helped us transform our business during lockdown, but technology can’t replace real human interaction.

We had a fantastic turnout (we even ran out of tables and had to print more target-setting sheets) and those who attended got to take part in a masterminding session. In groups of four, with a MINT member or team member at each table, our guests were asked to speak about their businesses, their challenges and their celebrations for 15 minutes each.

After that, each guest was asked to write down a series of goals for the coming month, to take away and work on. And lastly, guests wrote down on a postcard “by Christmas I would like….” along with their home address. I’ll be posting those cards out to everyone in six to eight weeks time as a reminder – “this is where you wanted to be, are you making it happen?”.

What we do so well as a community is we keep each other – and ourselves – accountable. We wanted to give our guests a taste of that.

The event created a buzz you can’t get online and it made my heart skip a beat to stand there and take it in.

And what made yesterday even more poignant for me, was that it was two years to the day since our first ever MINT Business Club event – our launch party on September 13 2019.

What a couple of years it’s been

I’ve reflected, reflected and reflected some more on how the pandemic and lockdown changed MINT, the expansion of the MINT team, and how we’ve come out the other side with a whole new blended online and offline membership offering for self-employed people and small business owners. But it’s safe to say it’s been a roller-coaster 24 months.

And yesterday, I was PROUD – more than ever – to stand in front of new people, many of whom I’d never met before, and tell them… we are MINT!

It’s our members who kept us together in the year that was so incredibly difficult for many of them. It was our members who got each other through tough moments. It was our members who helped us evolve and grow and we’ll keep doing so as we take on more members and welcome new faces into the fold.

I’ve nothing more to say, other than LOOK…. look at the joy and the absolute MINTness of our first face-to-face event in 18 months…

Event photography by our lovely member Gavin Forster.

Adapting : The “New” MINT Offering

Adapting : The “New” MINT Offering

I launched MINT Business Club in 2019 having initially run it as Savvy Solos Business Club for a couple of years before that.

My aim was to get business owners in a room together, learning new skills, supporting one another, keeping each other accountable and totally nailing self-employment and small business ownership.
We’d meet a couple of times a month and keep in touch via the Facebook group between sessions.

Then, of course, 2020 happened and our transition to an online community happened literally overnight (read all about that here).

MINT was suddenly now only online

For a while, we delivered training every day which was a lifeline for many in our community.

Eventually, as we got used to our ‘new world’ we settled into a schedule of once a week training with a mix of networking, target setting, reflections and mentoring along the way for the whole membership and our bootcamp accountability groups went online too.

We felt the pressure along with every other business owner, trying to be innovative and create opportunities to support our members and make sure MINT survived.

With our fab partners NEL and Valued, we switched delivery of our fully-funded training Let’s Talk About Money online and it worked.

In the background, we partnered with ITEC North East which saw 100+ MINTies and others access digital marketing certifications and funded training.

But go big or go home became a bit of a mantra, and MINT won a contract to deliver the Government-backed Kickstart scheme, started working in partnership with Zenith Training on the BEST In programme and had to expand our team! (read all about that here).

What did we learn above all else?

That we need to keep evolving, accept change and look for diversification.

And now, after everything we’ve learned, we are ready to finalise the MINT membership starting this September.

From September, this is what MINT is going to look like:

For Community Only members:-

  • On the first Tuesday of each month will see Suzanne, our membership and training manager, lead an intention setting session using one of our own planning worksheets.
  • Once a month, we will reintroduce our face-to-face, get-togethers which will be open to everyone in our MINT membership community. They will take place in different locations across the North East (dependent on restrictions) and will be relaxed and informal.
  • Funded training will continue with both Let’s Talk About Marketing & Let’s Talk About Money and be open to all MINT members as a priority, taking place on a Wednesday or Friday morning via Zoom as we need to record the sessions.

In addition to the above, our Learning Members will get access to:-

  • Following the Intention Setting on the first Tuesday of the month, every other Tuesday will remain as formal training on Zoom which will be recorded and available on playback and will cover one of the 6 pillars of MINT: MINDSet (i.e. YOU!) Foundations, Money, Marketing, Sales and Growth
  • Half-day events (like our recent Let’s Talk About Planning) will happen once a quarter, and as soon as the restrictions are lifted will be face to face.
  • Business Bootcamps. Places are allocated on application and are strictly limited. There will be an opportunity to apply to join a MINT Business Bootcamp in November 2021 to start in January 2022.

** Anyone who has joined MINT as a Community-only member will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a Learning Member.**

Our pride in what we deliver and the ongoing support that the MINT community offer one another is extraordinary. Our focus will always remain on you, our members, growing in confidence and growing your business to what you need it to be.

For less than £10 a week, that’s what I call a MINT offering!

If you’re not yet a member, why not? You can sign up here.