Download – Define your Company Values and let them guide you

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What are your company values?

In order for us to determine what we want from our business and how we are different from others, we first define our own personal values and then, how our Company Values reflect them and what’s important to us.

It isn’t until we know these (and radiate our values in everything we do) that we can relay them as key business messages to our audience, potential and existing customers.

When our customers and advocates speak about us to their networks, it is our VALUES and how we and our businesses make them FEEL that they will speak of.

Questions to ask yourself:

*What do YOU and therefore your company STAND for?

*What is important to you?

*How do your products or services make a contribution to your customers? (NB not just what they ARE, but what emotion(s) do they elicit from your customers.

*What motivates you?

When we run a business of one, or a micro business our values are our differentiator; what we believe can’t be copied by someone else. It is as unique to us as our delivery of our beliefs and values.

Worksheet: Some of your responses may sit in more than one box on the grid, this is fine and an indicator of how important it is to you.

DOWNLOAD Company values worsksheet