Falling in love with your business

by | Feb 14, 2022

Today is Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2022. It’s a day to celebrate love for a significant other. This year, to celebrate all the love and care we put into our business, we asked our MINT members what part of their business they were in love with.

We got some of the loveliest responses.

First off, the love of being self-employed is a thing in itself. When you start a business, and put your heart and soul into it, you do ‘fall in love’ with it.

We had so many people tell us that ‘seeing clients and customers eyes light up’ is a magical experience. Seeing the ‘switch go on’, or their dreams come to life in their eyes.

Running a small business can also allow you have much more flexibility, time and independence in your life. What’s not to love about that?

Here’s what just a few of our self-employed members had to say:

Cassie shanks:

The fact I can take my own baby to classes and not have to miss out on watching her grow up.

Jane Mitchie:

It’s all mine! Freedom, choice & sharing the love.

Amanda Murray:

I love helping folk who have a Zone of Genius in other areas than accounts… I love a good balance sheet! (sad but true).

Moira Barnes:

I love seeing the light go on in someone’s eyes when I’m training/coaching them and they suddenly see selling differently.

One of our members, Liza Johnson of The Tea Enthusiasts, has gone a step further and written a blog all about her “love affair with tea”  where she talks about how her business is something that has been a part of her family and life since her teenage years.
She also said in an interview that:
Not everyone can create something from nothing and that is what small business do and why we love it.
I have to agree that creating something is a celebration.
So this Valentine’s Day, ask yourself, what made me fall in love with what I do?

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