Four Years On… My Own MINT Adventure

by | Nov 9, 2021

Recently, I’ve been asking members and the rest of the team to reflect on their MINT journeys. Well today I find myself reflecting on my own… and it’s been an ADVENTURE!

4 years ago today, on November 9 2017, I popped onto the Companies House website to register a burning idea for a business to support self-employed people like me… those of us who work mostly on our own and needed to build a tribe of people and support to help them succeed.

It was a vision to help, to support, to teach and to get something back for me too; a route for me to serve. To serve people who passionately want to do what they love too.

Fast forward 4 years.

MINT Business Club is just one of the group of businesses I run.

Whooooah… what a sentence to write.

A group of businesses!?

When I sat down on this day 4 years ago, little did I think we’d help small businesses employ members of staff, but thanks to the Kickstart programme that’s what we’ve been doing throughout 2021.

Nor did I think, after all the years of me being ‘just’ a digital trainer, MINT becoming a delivery training partner on a extensive ERDF-funded programme working along side Zenith Training and Transmit.

Or, that working with amazing sponsor organisations to deliver a second funded training course on a topic I’m particularly passionate about – MONEY in our small businesses. Thank you NEL Fund Managers and Valued for supporting my vision to better educated us all on our money.

And I certainly didn’t foresee that I would have an ADHD diagnosis, take medication and launch a Social Enterprise called Celebrate Difference to support people, at work, who face the difficulties I have in my past, and still do everyday.

The overwhelm is overwhelming

Reading through this list it’s all a little too much to process. I didn’t ever, EVER anticipate any of this 4 years ago.

And without team MINT it would never have happened. I’m canny good at the ideas bit, I love the fast and furious energy needed at the beginning of a project.

But operationally, especially with admin tasks, well let’s just say it’s not my strength!!

Without the team buying into, loving and getting the vision, there’d be no MINT.

I sit here grateful for each person who’s been involved, past and present.

Grateful for each hard, hard moment that I’ve learned so much from.

Humbled by all the people that trust MINT as the place to come to for their support.

So on with year five…

Next year will inevitably see more changes, we always have such plans to push ourselves and help in more ways.

My own confidence has grown so much because the community has supported me.

We are ending the year in style with our Christmas party in Newcastle, and we would love you to join us.

Let me know you’re coming by registering here.

Nic x