Nic Watson hosted this training session this week ti help get you started on Google My Business.

The session is aimed at any who hasn’t already got a GMB account, and those who have but want to be able to get better use out of it.

This session took place on Tuesday 12th May 2020.

Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Underneath the video you will also find a PDF Transcript and the e-book links that Nic refers to in the video.

Transcript of Video

A lot of people have been asking me all the, all the time, a lot of people have been talking about Google My Business and I’ve been threatening to do the training and I’ve not been answering questions as we went through. So the good news is don’t worry too much about the content cause we’re going to share the presentation with everybody when we’re done. We’ve also created an ebook for you to take away. So we’ll send that. I don’t know how we do that. I’m sure we can sort that out.
If you send it to me, Nick, I’ll have all the names of the people on the session and we can send it out direct.

We’ve also got a checklist and we’re going to talk about getting reviews on Google and also we’ve got an ebook on that as well because it’s quite important regarding your rankings. So let me just make a note in the that. Pen and paper.
So, if everybody’s okay we’ll crack on and make a start. I am going to share the screen and any questions, you know, just give me a shout.

The first four or five screens or first four or five pages of the presentation are if you haven’t set your business up on Google. I know we put the post out early on, if anybody still has problems, come back to us. Yeah, everyone OK with that?
Well Google My Business, I’ve called this the easy way to use it because I think if we can find an easier way that makes life a little bit easy for all of us and I’m all about ease of use.

I’m new to Google My Business. I hadn’t used it until I started my business. Some of you may or may not know I’m part of the Google My Business street view team. So I take 360 degree images and add them onto Google maps and it seemed a logical thing that I got asked questions regarding the Google My Business so I went off and decided to learn as much as I can.

I was quite surprised because it’s a niche market where not many people actually do stuff on Google My Business. So here we go, hopefully.
It’s a relatively new marketing tool, Google My Business now. It’s something rare because it gives you the option to market and control your own Google My Business. And what it does is it accounts for roughly now on Google, 74% of all customers conduct mobile searches and we want to talk about local searches predominantly today a little bit.

But of the 74% of the customers who are going out there and doing local searches 50% of them, or just over 54 said they would visit that business in person, right away on the same day.
Google’s traffic now is huge. 3.5 billion searches daily. And now with Covid 19 I can guarantee that figure’s opened up now.
So what is it? We’ll go with an official answer. It’s a free tool, created by Google to help business owners manage how they appear in Google search results and on Google Maps. I see it as an evolution of yellow pages.
Those of you of a certain age will remember the Yellow Pages. I used to deliver them as a schoolboy. I used to deliver 3000 a year and get paid handsomely and they used to get delivered to 23 million houses but two years ago now they delivered the last of the Yellow Pages, which is a shame and Google My Business, it took all the sort of benefits of it.

It’s free. It just costs you the commodity of time. It’s widely used. One out of two customers are ready to be a customer of yours when they search on Google My Business, but the plus point is you don’t have to pay anybody at all. All these people that are ringing you and offering to manage your Google My Business account, you own it so you don’t have to do anything like that.

But if you do a little bit of work, you can rank into something called three pack and I know Mark this talked about his adverts and I know Alan talked about it when he was on his SEO. The three pack is when you search for something on Google, just on Google search, what will happen is you’ll get a little map page comes up in a search and it’ll list the three top business. So here’s an example, I’ve done a search for what my business does and this is the three pack. And you can see my business ranks number one in the three pack.
That’s because I’m maximising what I do on Google My Business. How does it work? Well, let’s talk different types of searches. Three different types of searches, there’s the discovery, branded and the direct search. So a discovery search is the most popular one. 84% of businesses turn up that way. Finding a restaurant near me. The example I’ve used here is find a car dealer near me. Then we have a branded search, find me a Ford dealer near me. Then we have direct search. Get me details for Ford Lookers in Sunderland.

You pick your phone up before, when you need a cup of coffee, and said I need a cup of coffee. Coffee shops near me. You need petrol? Find petrrol near me. I’m not going to follow the setting up of it cause I think we’re all pretty OK now. But if people have a problem, the easiest thing is just come back to me and I’ll talk you through setting it up a little. We’ll do some Zoom calls just on setting your business up and I’ll try and talk as much as I can.
So I’m just going to, you do need a Gmail account to manage your Google My Business unfortunately. Now what I, we say to people is create one for your business. So I have and that’s what I use to manage my Google.

Nic, sorry to interrupt you. The sounds going a bit crackly again. So people are struggling a little bit. Would you mind just slowing it down a little bit so people can, can hear it? Cause it’s it’s quite crackly again.

Okay. Sorry about this guys. I don’t know what’s wrong. I have added some videos to our YouTube channel on how to find your business on Google and to find out whether it’s claimed on Google. So I’ll share that link at the end for you. It’s very, very easy to do, as we found the other day that some people couldn’t find their location. But again I’m going to show you how to do that.

Okay, so now you own your business. What can you do? Google will send you a postcard. For those of you who haven’t seen one I’ll just stop the share a minute and show you one.

This is a Google postcard comes through off them with a, it’s a verification code. That’s showing really poorly. But back to that, it gives you the the right to manage your Google account.
Once you own it you can add videos, products, posts, events and anything else that you want to engage with people. You’re going to attract followers because if you, all your information is included on your Google My Business search; important stuff like name, address, phone number, opening and closing times, attributes and qualities it’ll put you further up the rankings. But it also gives you the tools to engage with your audience to access the analytics and see where people are coming from.
And it’s broken down onto a desk top. I’m going to show you my live one, if that’s OK because it’s a little bit better than looking at a video. So the homepage on the desktop of Google My Business page is made up of all the tabs down the left hand side, which we’ll see which are home, posts, information, insights, messages, photographs, bookings, products, services, a free website Google provides. It’s not brilliant but you can have it and [inaudible] but it gets the job done for those who don’t have a website, it puts in all of my posts that we do. It tells people about us and also gives people access to where you are, what your address is, they can call you and get directions and your reviews are there, which is quite nice and that doesn’t cost you a penny. And when you set up your Google My Business it’ll pull all that information through. So let’s go to the home page.

This is my home page for 360 Big Sky Media. If you’ve never used it and you want to know where it is if you’ve claimed your business, if you click on the Google apps button it will come up with My Business. You just click on that and I’ll take you through. If it doesn’t come up, just scroll down a little bit and that will be maybe in the second or the third panel, but it will show up.
This first stage is just all about the stuff you need to know quickly so you can see there’s a little bit of performance activity there and they’re asking everybody at the minute to update their businesses during Covid 19. It will try and sell you advertising. I know Steven was talking about advertising so you can do it. It’ll put your recent post. It will compare you to what businesses are in my area, photography being the obvious one.
It will show you how to view your business maps on search and share your profile, which I want to talk a little bit later on about. We’ll talk about your latest review and I’ll tell you how it gets accessed. Google business profile on your mobile phone, which I’m going to talk about as well and how you can book a
virtual tour too. I clicked on it for a giggle three years ago and a Google trusted photographer was going to contact me in the next 48 hours. That wasn’t me, they went to somebody else.

It will also give you a plan when you start and it will be a five point plan and it’s a pain but it’s always there. That’ll tell you to download the application, which we’ve already done, but it’ll show you how to create a post.
So let’s go through some of the stuff on the sides. If you look at, let’s pick the one that I think is information, information that means everything about your business. The first thing that we’ll is when you’re on your business, it’ll tell you your business is live on Google. And also try and sell you advertising. Here’s an example of an advert there, you can also close the business on Google. You can temporarily close it. Any issue with you now or you have may want to close your business or you want to remove your listing. Google assistant calls we’re going to come onto that.

Okay. Can people hear me all right?
Yeah. Can you just do me a favour? Can you try turning off your background? Alan’s just suggesting that that may be interfering with your, it may take up your broadband speed. We do have a couple of questions. Is this okay?
Absolutely. Fire away.

So Lucinda, did you want to come in? You’ve got a couple of questions. I don’t know if that was the right time to ask those.
Yeah, I was just for my business, obviously I don’t have people visiting the house, but I have opening hours and I was just wondering if there’s any way I can add that people don’t come to my property.
Well, you can do it. When you set up Google My Business and you’ve gone to the information page. When you go through the startup procedure, it’ll ask you if you accept visitors to your house. So can customers come to your house? For my other business which is the virtual professionals one, I allow people to come to my house. I got that set up. As a result of that, when you go on a Google search, no address will show up but the opening time still shows up, it still says open all the time. Let me just bring it up and I’ll show you. Is that under add special hours?

When you set up your business, let me just open this page. It’s a bit awkward cause I can’t even remember the proper name of my business. I do appologise, how stupid. If you’re looking at this page, you can see this is the other business at the moment. Every business has got services, but there isn’t actually an address that comes with that, it’s just got all of our opening times, which we set at 24 hours.
Now the way we do that, it’s on the information page. We click on this little button here and it shows your address. You can click the address once you’ve been verified and then press apply.
Google love bricks and mortar businesses. It was set up originally for bricks and mortar businesses so those of us who deliver services we would not have been catered for. However, when you go through that process of setting it up, once you’ve set it up with an address, then you can go in and delete your address out as and it just says we don’t take any services from customers here.
Is that okay?

Yeah, so I’m just doing that at the same time as you’re talking through and so removing address hides.
What I suggest you do if you hang on a little bit to make any huge changes to your Google My Business page at the moment because they are struggling with stuff. So any edits that you make, they’re taking weeks and weeks and weeks to go through. Now what might happen is because there’s less staff to be doing everything you may get a re-verification note come through and you would wait weeks and weeks and weeks.
At the minute we’ve been waiting for one for seven weeks because believe it or not, they’re actually manually reviewing every single listing on Google.
Okay. The other question I had was, you know you can add a short name?
Yes. I want to cover that.

Cause cause I did that. But it’s come back with, it’s now in a different color and it’s crossed out.
Right. let me go through it. We’ll go through.
Yeah, no problem. That’s fine. That’s me.
That’s fine. Anybody else?

Yeah, if you’re okay for time as Sarah Phillips is just asking, is there a way you can set don’t come to my house with an existing account.
Just the way that we’ve set it up, what we would do is, the only thing you can do is take the address off so it doesn’t show up on Google. So by setting it up, putting an address on and then taking the address off.
Yeah. Why is that Nic? is that you’re not supposed to have residential addresses showing? Is that correct?
You can if you work from home, if you do want to send people to your address, they’ve relaxed all the rules. The problem is originally Google was set up for bricks and mortar but with so many of us working from home they’ve had to adapt. So now they are allowing you do that. You’ve just got to take that address out. I actually need my, my business address for this business so I have it listed there.

Cool. There are a few more questions coming up if you want to carry on Nic and we’ll just slot them in when we can.
Most important thing when you go to my business, people talk about nap. Nap this, Nap that. It’s a complicated way of saying name, address and phone number and by that, I’m contradicting what we’ve just said to Lucinda but it is going to make sense.
Your Google My Business name should be only the name of your business. So my business is called 360 Big Sky Media. It isn’t called 360 Big Sky Media, Google Street View Photography. When I started, I put it in by Google and I have 360 Big Sky Media and all the competitors didn’t, they had what they’re doing, the keywords and you can report them to Google. You can select and edit or suggest an edit by looking at your competitors and you can suggest an edit. I did that four or five times the people were asked to check their location or change their name, they did. And when I continue to comment eventually Google said no, live with it.

So because my business doesn’t really say what I did I decided to add that in. Would I recommend everybody else to do that? No incorrect.
So rather than do that, what you can do is when we come onto posts, you can start stuffing your keyword in your posts which will help you. The address thing, Google will need a physical address listed on your Google My Business profile wouldn’t display that address, but we will need a physical address. Why? Because it needs to send your postcard and that address needs to be the same if you’ve got it listed on all the other databases. All the Google sites it needs to be the same. And the phone number the same. The phone number that you used, the business phone number you used for your website and everywhere else needs to be the same.

You can also list service areas. They’ve reduced this to 20, but one way to rank is rather than you can do County level. So for Tyne, Wear and Northumberland, Cumbria, County, Durham, Scottish Borders, but we’ve put Consett in there, DH8. So we go very, very specific in post codes depending on what you think your target audience is. Is it worth, if you don’t service the Scottish Borders is worth having in there? No, but if you live in Newcastle for example, and you service all of Newcastle it maybe worth looking at where Metro stations are and putting postcodes in and that is simply just a case of putting postcode in. So you can put in general, SR3 or you can get very specific and put your address in or you can put an area of Sunderland in. I can put Tyne and Wear. So these things are crucial for your rankings.
You can have 20. My suggestion is if you need 20, put 20 in. Put as many as you can in. If for me you can go up to the full 20, do 20. Your opening and closing times are what you are. You set them and everything’s editable by the little, the little edit button. Your special hours, as Lucinda mentioned earlier on are for bank holidays so you see that the last one that we closed was the fourth of the first and you’ll get an email off Google saying would you like to change your special hours? Phone number if you want your phone number in. Short name, you can pick a short name. Think of it like a Facebook handle and you can change it three times a year. I’ll explain how it shows up in just a moment. But you can pick what you want. Mine is 360 Big Sky Media with capital B S M. And if you click on it, it’s easy for customers to find your business and you can change it to, if you’ve got a new product coming out or you want to change the way you do things, you could change that short name.

Your website is what the website is. We going to cover appointments, products, services and highlights. Services and products. I have one product listed, I think because I sell one product which I suppose is a virtual tour, you could argue it’s a service. But, you can add an infinite amount of these, I know people who have 30 or 40 products on there and not be stocked. And services. You can have as many as you want. It is a bit clunky when you put your services in.
So when you add a service, it’ll give you a primary and then it will give other services that may be needed. I know we’ve got some newborn photographers, headshots. You can really go down into it and you can also create your own by adding a custom one. Virtual Business and Google Street View wouldn’t actually show up, so we’ve added those as customs.

You can also add highlights. Highlights is kind of what’s special about your business. On mine you don’t get that as an option. It just gives you what it thinks you may benefit from. I’m not using it. I don’t know if it will benefit my business so I don’t apply it.
I have seen disabled friendly, only online come up there. The bit that people are going to find is this bit, which is about you. And you can have an awful awful amount of words in here. 750 currently it is and that’s what shows up when people Google. So that’s this bit here.
So when people go to Google Maps this is what they will see. That’s really, really important. Looking at the moment, everything’s the edits are reviewed for quality and takes 3 days. That’s just where we are at the moment.
Opening and closing times you can put on there. And I do put something on because I’m quite proud of the fact we opened in 2018 and before the end we’ll go into a little bit more detail. Again I’ve created the ebook for you to use. Are we okay for questions? I can’t see.
Hugh Roberts has got a question about if you’re saying you’re open 24 hours, do you need to be able to respond 24 hours a day?

No you don’t have to but there is a messaging function you can set up on Google My Business now, which is something new, which I’ll quickly do a little bit later on.
You don’t have to respond. The issue you’ve got like all things is Facebook kind of black mark it, the longer you take to respond to it. Google are the same, so if you’re saying you’re available all the time and you’re not, your response time will show to people so they know what you’re doing. So if you can manage it 24 hours a day then quote it, but if you can’t then quote opening and closing times on it. At the end of the day we do have a life.
Sheila’s asking is there a time limit onentering the code? Sheila, is that the verification code?

I haven’t seen one Sheila, I know that they’ve been giving you more time. I’m checking on that now. It doesn’t say it has a time stamp on it. I know if you do input it, it becomes worthless. You’ve got to request a new one.
It’s over a year ago so I’m assuming it’s probably best to apply for a different one. A new one. Some of the details have changed as well.
Well what you can do is when you change the details Sheila, if you’re going through the information button, if it’s any time you haven’t been active or you haven’t been using it for a while it’ll say this business needs to be verified. So Relish The Thought I manage for my sister and she’s got some information going in there and shshe needs to be verified. The reason we haven’t verified it now, is because she’s closed, so it’s pointless because she hasn’t used her account for a while because she hadn’t had anything to post so it just adds that extra layer of security and again it will just send you one of them new postcards through the post.

Okay, thank you.

You’re welcome. Any more?

Sam Hunter has got an interesting one Nic. She’s set up a Google My Business account, but the knowledge panel that’s displaying is not her business. It’s for another business in India. So Sam, do you want to come in and just clarify anything I’ve got wrong there?
Yeah, sure. I set mine up probably start of March. And I’ve done like all the things you’re saying. All that panel on the side filled everything in. I’ve been through every section. I didn’t know about that messaging bit, but actually was it Lucinda who said, or Lisa? Lisa said she just did. But when I click on that it says this feature is not available for this listing. And there’s a few bits that like just aren’t an option for me to do. And I don’t know if it’s because of this like slow functionality at the minute with with the limited, well mine says limited Google My Business functionality. And I don’t know why. I don’t know if it’s Covid 19 related or, or what.
There’ll be two at the minute Sam. There’ll be two issues. The first issue is obviously them not having any staff. The second one is what you can put, what you can put on there is very, very sector specific. And certain industries, they lockdown more. Certain industries they put them under, what’s the basic category that you’ve got?
What’s that?

What are you categorized as?

Well, I’m a graphic designer, so there’s no reason why it should be limited for me at the moment It will purely and simply be because you set it up in March, right after lockdown.

It was, yeah, it was probably February, March time.
Yeah. They are slowly, I was on a webinar the other day and they’re slowly starting to return to normal now, but it’s probably going to be May before you get anything. What I would do is, any updates you make it’s going to tell you that you need to make a re-verification or It’ll tell you that verification is pending.
Yeah, I’ve got pending your businesses. Verified listings may be reviewed for quality and can take up to three days to be published. But I mean it’s been like that for three months. So
I’m on pending with 360 Big Sky for the same as you. I’m on pending for three months. The good thing that’s came out of Covid, if there is such a thing, is Google were toying with the idea of charging us to use Google My Business. That was the base model they wanted to go down. Because it’s creaked, because of now if something goes down, the whole system falls to pieces. You can no longer, you can no longer charge until they iron out all these bugs, which is years away. It’s because they do do the human redo. That’s the issue.

Right. Okay. I’ll just have to be patient then.

If you’re anything like me, it’s not the best thing.
Yeah. Right.

Can I just bring Sarah in next? Just wants you to clarify something you said about the main and key words. Sarah Phillips, are you there? Well, I’ll just read the question. What she’s put is, sorry, it broke up. Your name should be your business name, not your, not with key words. Question mark. Are you there Sarah?
Yeah, sorry. It kept breaking up. And I know when you were talking about giving it your name and you have key words in it, but I couldn’t work out whether you said do that or don’t cause it broke up.
It’s against the rules to do it Sarah. Google don’t like you to do it. And if somebody reports you, you get three strikes and then they’ll suspend your listing. So the official line is, the problem you have is when you search your nearest and dearest competitors, you find everybody does it. And because it’s a human process, when it’s, when an edit comes in they’ll take the initiative to tell the people to take them down. Mine hasn’t been challenged in over a year. A better way of doing things is to create some posts with the keywords that you want to. Because by adding posts into your Google business posts, they show up for seven days and by adding those keywords in there, if anybody’s looking for that specific keyword that you got it’ll rank you higher.
Sorry, what did you say about seven days? That’s how long the post lasts?

A post will last forever but it only shows up in Google search for seven days. So if anybody searches for your business, your posts would show up organically for seven days. They are extending that a little bit during Covid 19 but it will go back to seven days and it will show up when you look for business profiles. So I’ll just show you that one.

Is that why they keep popping up saying you need to put up new posts?
Yes. the other reason is you can see that the last post from Google My Business, it’s not showing any posts from Virtual Tour Pros. We did post on the 20th of April. And that’s a post that we’ve put out. Now if we were still within the seven days, this post won’t show up on Google search when people search your business.

So will that show up if you put than one up?

Absolutely. And it’ll just show multiple up there. The service I use to post is Publer ( and
Publer allows you to automate and cross post. So anything you post to Facebook you can cross post to Google. Just the same way we would use Hootsuite you would just link your Google My Business page that will allow you to schedule all of your posts in advance if you want to.
Listing size in Google My Business, the size of the image in posts is fairly similar to 10 pixels either side.
So if you create a post, you can create and share that same post in Google My Business. There’ll be a tiny black line down the side. If anybody’s seen a tiny black line down the side and criticises you for it, they’re just idiots.
And what was that? Publer? Let me just quickly show you it.

I’ve been using this for ages. I use the free service. When you’ve created your account you just link your social accounts to it. Things are all coming in new, but you’re going to have to pay for them. You can link up to five social media accounts at any one time. You know have Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business. If I want to create posts, it is that really.

I just click post a Facebook post to Google. Type something in, throw some media in and schedule it based a little bit allows you to customize each post for each individual social media network. On Google it does like you to have a call to action. So all I’ve done is press the little signposts. Learn more and then you just put your, your link or your learn more in from Google and it’ll go right, ok. And that will automatically cross post to both platforms.
And you can queue them up to, I don’t know how many days in advance, but you can schedule absolutely stacks. And I just use the free service, that’s what I do because I’m quite greedy. I don’t like to spend the money, but all I use is the free service and the reason I use the free service is all of the paid options, they start at five social media platforms for $10, $20 a month, but the daily post limits are massive. They’re absolutely ridiculous. 12 posts to Facebook, 10 posts to Facebook group and 150 on Twitter. I mean say unless you’re a global brand, I don’t think you’ll use them. So that’s what I use. I find it really, really useful.

If needs be, if we do need to do something for Publer I can share that and it just allows me to spread everything all the way through. I don’t use any other platform. People use others but I just use Publer and if I’m posting to Instagram, I tend to use Facebook and I’ll schedule them that way. Well that’s just the way I do it but like everybody else, I just create the posts in Canva and just import them in.

Let me show you some posts that we’ve done.

Let me go back to Google My Business and let me close this off. I’ve got too many windows, I do apologise.
This is just a post that we put out overnight. The last business post we put out was the 2nd of March. I don’t do any of these for the links. I don’t do any of these for the clicks and don’t do any of these for the views. I do it purely and simply to show up in the ranks, to keep me in the top three in my service area. If you want to see how it looks, you can click here and you can see that post in search. So if anybody searched me for my business, that’s how it’ll look and it’s got the call to action button and that’s been created using Publer. You can see these tiny little black lines down the side, but I’m nitpicking.
It get tiny little black lines on the side. But I’m nitpicking. Is that OK guys? Are you OK with that? Are we okay to do a little bit more in depth?

Yeah, we’ve got, we’ve got a few more questions, but please carry on and we’ll try and pick them up at the end.
I can see one about Instagram. Yes Publer does cover Instagram but you’ve got to pay $10 a month. It’s the cheap one that doesn’t do it and unfortunately I’m cheap!
Is there a minimum number of posts you should aim to get on Google My Business to get higher up the ranks? Each post lasts seven days. Post at least once, at least every seven days. When we are not in the madness, I post twice a week. And the reason I post twice a week, there’s no rhyme or reason because I only post a few days with twice a week and I just cross post the other two. When I first started out, I was posting every day and it just became a bit of a pain in the backside I think.

I occasionally will not want to use Facebook scheduler or I choose to use Facebook and I use it for nothing but Instagram. That’s all I use it for. Some people will find they can work with their mobile phone, I’ve got to sit in front of the computer, with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning and schedule everything before, before we get the dinner on Sunday and I don’t have to worry.
Google My Business a little bit more. Go back to sharing my screen. Fabulous. To create a post is as simple as clicking on this little button here. If you want to post manually, which you still can, you can click on this button and it will allow you to create a post. At the moment the only ones that get updated quickly are the Covid 19 updates.

But you can put a special offer on for your customers. Dead simple, click to add a photo, what’s your title? The good thing is you can limit start and finish time and you actually put specific times in and you can add more details. You can put a voucher code in there if you want or a redeem code or you can link to your terms and conditions.

The offer details, Google do check this one. There are some rules for offer details. They’ve got to be a true representation of your business. What’s new? It’s not going to be long when we eventually our doors open. Hi guys, this is where we are now. When you post in public, it won’t allow me this specific amount of [inaudible].

So that will make your life a little bit easier. And events, I don’t know what you all are like. But generally when we’re not in lockdown I’ll look for, I like going to gigs and going away for the weekend. If you put events in there and you put your key words in there, they’ll show up. So somebody looks for what’s on round me this week, it’ll show up. What’s on today?

So what it will do is these scheduled events normally get pulled across. The problem we’ve got is with stuff in out of date, the events page. So these are events that people have put on. So we’ve got this one the 29th of March at Manchester Academy. Totally not going to happen. All these events will show up. So if you’ve got an event that you really, really want to market and you put it on Facebook, you post it and stick it on Google as well, put it on as an offer.
And then you may have a fabulous new product. Look guys, we’ve just bought a brand new 8K camera. This is what we can do for you and tell the world about it. Or you may have a new product that I want to offer to people you can put your name again, stick in your product details. And then it’s a matter of pressing start. Google My Business doesn’t currently have a scheduling system, they’re looking to add that. These posts will appear on Google for seven days.
So everything on your business page will show up when they do a Google search within seven days. So I would do a post every seven days. Photographs, hugely important. I’m going to put some information, because I did do some information, here we go. Local businesses have a median of 11 photos on Google My business. There’s a company called Bright Local did a massive survey earlier on this year. What they found was hotels have the most photos on Google My business with an average of 150.
6% of Google My business listings are one photograph. But businesses with photographs get 42 more requests, 42% for driving directions from their location and 35% more clicks to their businesses website. The businesses that all have web photos, pretty crucial photographs. So it’s leaked down into different sections.

We’ve got photographs by you, by customers, interior, exterior 360 are all fabric. So the team is you. The logo is your identity. The video is video.

If you’re going to put photos on, Google photos put on from your mobile phone.They absolutely adore when you put a mobile phone information on, that’d be all of the extra information you’ve got for that. They’ll have your GPS location, if you’ve taken that photo at your business, they’ll already have the GPS data. So that just verifies your business.

Any question? Can you advertise someone else’s events? Yes, yes. You can, if you want to advertise someone elses event you can just put it on as your event Peter. Yes you can, you can add them on there. Yeah. Can I show you a slide about how to add photo? I’m about to go through that. Give us a minute Sara.
We’ve got a couple of questions from before that we missed. Jane Cooper was just asking about when you’re adding your services in Google My Business, are you able to add your own services or do you have to use the preset Google options?
You can create custom services. So if we go back and I’ll just quickly do it. So you can see my services. Google don’t have virtual business in Google street view. It won’t show if I click on other a little service too. If we scroll down.

Nic, you’re not sharing your screen at the moment. Did you realize that?

No, I didn’t.

That would help, wouldn’t it?
It was a good voice over though!
So if we go to services and I clicked on it, it allows you to add more services and it will give you these options based on photography services so I don’t do any of these stuff, but I know some of the guys who have photography businesses do. Then you can come down, it’ll ask you to add a custom service and you can tell them what you want, which is what I’ve done with these. These don’t exist. Again, look at your keywords to see what people are searching for and that way it’ll rank when people are searching for that. I really like that straight away it says virtual tour, business tour is what people will search for. Hopefully that answers that question.

Can we just bring Lucinda back in about her question about the short name next? Nic do you want to clarify that one?
Yes. So Lucinda, fire away.
It’s just that mine has come up and it’s now showing in a different color and it’s crossed out.
Right. The reason it’s crossed out would be somebody else just took it.
Okay, cool.

Give it another go and try, so change it to what you had and then
I didn’t have anything before. I just tried to put one in the other day,
Right. If it’s crossed out it means somebody else has took it. So it should give you an option to to, if you press nothing in there and then go back to it, it will give you a suggestion based on what your business name is.
Okay. I’ll try that.
Make sense?

Short names are really useful, I use them constantly. And it’s just a quick and easy way of being able to share your Google profile. So we’ll be able to show this, share this to customers.
It’s a really, really good thing and if you get in there and you’re not sure where it is, just click learn more and that’ll take you and that will give you the form that you would use, which is then your business name. In my name it will be and it will take people directly to your business profile.
I share these on everything on the bottom of my email, on my on my business supplies, on my invoices and everything because I want people, there’s a kind of contradiction now between SEO and Google My Business. The guys who do SEO will tell you that everything is important regarding your website. I rank in the top three doing no SEO whatsoever. I know I kind of contradict what other people do but the reason I ranked in the top three is I just keep my business updated because that’s the most important part as far as I’m concerned.

I’m conscious of the time, can I talk about photos quickly because I think at some point we’ll probably to do a follow up, but I’ll send you all the ebook which will talk you through the things that we’ve done but with photos the most important thing to rank is NAP, name address and phone number. Post regularly and put keywords in there and also photographs. To post photographs we go into Google My Business again, I’m going to click on the photographs tab, which is a little bit further down and that’ll give you the option of where you want your photo to be put. And to put a photo on you just press this and arrow and it will say, Okay, what do you want to do? Let me quickly grab a photo, a really bad one.

Go back. Cool. Thank you. You can also, which is massively important, oh it’s too big. So there’s a maximum size that you can use. I don’t have any photos at the minute, which is typical. There we go. I’m just picking on a small photo. It’s quite, [inaudible].
You should have a minimum of 10 photographs in now, whether they are product photos, photos of the team, if you’ve got a business location, business location, if you’ve got customers, if you’re a coffee shop, getting customers to take photographs, it’s a wonderful thing. What it’s doing is it’s created that post that picture and asked me to create a post and what it’ll do is it’ll say that photo’s been uploaded by me. When your customers upload, they’ll put information on from your customers.
I didn’t put any information in but as you can see, I can click a button to share this interior, exterior, artwork or the team and it’ll tell you how many times people have seen your photographs. So if we look at my cover photo it’s been viewed 20,000 times and it’s been up there since 2019. This photograph is the same, it’s been viewed over 3000 times. I’m not sure how many people have looked at my photos in total. Videos are fabulous. Put video up there as well. Google loves video. I’ve still, to put my first video up. The issue I’ve got is because of where I work from home, I don’t tend to do a lot of videos or videos on site.

Nic, Brenda’s just asking on the videos is there a maximum length of video that can be used?
It tends to be video is a little bit more. It tends to be a bit better I think. Let me double check. The one I tried to put up there earlier on that wouldn’t allow me to put up there, that was 80mb so it must be limited to just under 80mb. Any other questions?
Just to clarify on your short name. Sarah was just asking, did you say that you use your short name on everything you send out?

Yes. If I open an email because my short name is the same. It’s the same on everything so I put my short name on everything I send out. And that way when people click on it, it drives them to this, to this page.
If you want to see what your Google listing looks like and you’re using Chrome, you can always use an incognito tab.
So if you copy your address and click here and open an incognito tab, you’ll get to see exactly what this is, what a customer would see if they searched for me. You can see my latest update is there, even though it doesn’t show up in search. My products show up, little bit about me, my Facebook profile and from Twitter. Everything that comes in. At the moment it’s always seen on this business and people think it’s an issue. It really isn’t. If you click on that and you’re signed into your GMail account, it’ll say I’m sorry this business has been claimed. It’ll give you the first two and the first bit of a Gmail email, it’s been claimed by N blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And it’ll block everything out. And then it’ll add J, blah blah, blah, blah, So it’ll only give you certain letters so you can see that your are actually on the right page.

Can you just run through again? Some people weren’t too sure where they found the short name. Could you just show that screen again?

So if you go info, everything’s on info and if you scroll down, big art, it doesn’t call it the short name, which is useful. @360bigskymedia. And then if you click learn more, it will give you your short name. So what we’ll do if I copy that and I’ll just open an incognito tab and I’m just going to delete this off. Then if I press that, it will automatically take people to my business profile. It gives them that one stop click and from there they can go to my website, they can ring me, they can do everything and find out what products and services I do from one page and sort of see all of your profile. Google pulls everything in. So you’ve got my website, my Facebook, my Facebook images that I’ve put on. So all of my images that I share, some listings that I’m on and the Google free site that I showed you earlier on, brings up posts. And that’s about it for me. Hopefully that helps. Any other questions?
I think we’ve covered all the questions on the list. We’re coming towards the end now. If you want to stop sharing the screen, we can just open it up for any final questions.

Any final questions for Nic?

Hi Nic. I’ve got a photo on my Google page, which I think Google maps has put on and I can’t get rid of it.
You’re welcome! Well, unfortunately Google put a horrible street view image on so what they’ve done would be really, really out of date. So we have two options. What’s the Google name you’re on?
It’s Guru Holistic Therapy.
Let me quickly find it.
Yeah. Yes,

Pretty close, so that’s fabulous. So what we need to do is I assume that’s the image we don’t like?
That’s the image!

Now then, it’s quite old. Even though it says Google 2020 just by looking, it looks quite old. Now, is this a true representation of your business site? Is this where your business is?
Are you, which building are you in?
I’m in the top one just by that. Oh, go back round to the right.
This one?
You see where that white van is there?

Where your little arrow is. Left, left, left, left where that white van was on the left. Can you see that building? Where the trees are and the stone building. I work in that building.
Google hasn’t got the correct location. That’s the issue. Go back to your profile.

Under address, when you click on it it gives you the option to put this little pin in the exact location.
Yeah. I’ve had issues with this and I’ve also reported it to them because they were taking me to the street next to the building and they have updated it, but it’s still not perfect.
So if you can drag it as close as you can to where you need to be. So you just drag that little peg man.
Yeah, that’s me where you were there. I think that’s me where that red thing is. Yes, that’s where I’m at, I think.
No, this is my house. I’m showing you mine because mine, my location is on the street, I don’t know which house it is but you can. You can try to go over there and drop it on the very location and if it’s a street view image, it will pull the nearest street view image up.

The only thing you can do is you can go on to Google maps. So if we go to Google maps and then we scroll down to the 360 view, on your mobile device on desktop, you can report the problem.
I’ve already reported it and they said that they’d sorted it.
What you could do is you can drag it to where you want it to be.

Now, the other thing I would suggest, and this is just me, is let me stop sharing, for the princely sum of a
cup of coffee and a cake. What we can do is we can come out and we can update the street view image that you’ve got outside because we are able to do that with the street view tool. We’ll bring one of the cameras I’ll get in touch with you and I’ll do that for a normal price coffee and cake.
Brilliant. Thank you so much.

We have to close that one. One final point from the question just asking, are you recommending that we don’t make any changes now because of the backlog on with Google My Business? Is it, wait,
I would give it a minimum of four weeks. The reason for it is verification is taking forever. You don’t want it to be a pain in the backside, they’re prioritising health care, Covid 19 updates and kind of first responders. That’s the businesses that they’re prioritising. My little photography businesses in Sunderland isn’t a priority to them. So we get left. In the webinar, as I said they are slowly starting to allow some things to come through. Reviews have stopped. So if you’ve got any new reviews, you haven’t seen them, they will come through. They have stopped them because businesses were closing and they didn’t want people to leave negative reviews because that business is closed because of Covid 19 so they’ve locked all reviews.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your time. That can, thanks for putting this together.
Apologies for some of the sound issues. I hope everyone managed to get what they could out of that.