Happy April! Or Happy New Tax Year?

by | Apr 1, 2022

March was all about getting settled! We at the new MINT Business Hub were getting settled into our new building. Holly was getting settled into their apprenticeship after finishing Kickstart and our MINTie tenants have settled into the building.

In the Hub

For the last few months, we have been keeping you all updated on our progress with the hub and the amazing Gavin Forster produced this video showing all the change that we’ve made so far in the form of before and after pics (a lot of ‘during’ pics too).

We are so nearly done with this amazing project, and we were thrilled to show our members the hub at our open day. It was a fantastic get-together with cake, a speech and lots and lots of “it’s so good so see you again!!”

Our members that have become tenants are all moved in, except Ian who will be welcomed in May. Having MINTies so close has been fantastic, with a real sense of community and family. All of their new offices look so good and really give off all their different brand personalities.

Apprenticeship update

After completing a six month Kickstart placement with MINT, Holly has officially begun their apprenticeship and is loving it! So much learning and growth to do and has already been done. We are very excited about how this can help both Holly and all of us here.

Just boss, please

Last month, we also celebrated International Women’s Day! It was amazing to open up all these different conversations about being a self-employed woman. We talked all about how men in the business will often get conversation and credit, terms such as “girl boss” and “boss babe” as well as the double standard in Holly’s blog.


Last month’s training included Marketing Is MINT, which was a fully-funded course where we got to teach small businesses all across the North East how to level up their marketing! On this two day event, we had guest trainers Caroline Wilson (social media), Gavin Forster (phone photography), Michelle Rose (marketing) and Simon Clayton (Personal Branding).

From better phone photography to defining your audience, we covered it all!

We also have another upcoming Let’s Talk About Marketing where we will talk about even more ways to get your marketing to the next step, so if you missed out in March, here’s your chance!

MINT’s Peter Surridge also gave us a session all about Google Analytics on the 15th, where he gave us some tips for reading and understanding GA on a basic level – a much-needed session.

Intention Setting for April was held on the last Tuesday in March. Ran by Suzanne and Pete, joined by 12 businesses, goals were set for the month ahead.

What’s coming up in April?

As Wednesday the 6th is the start of the 2022/23 tax year, our first April training session is with Stephen Paul, from our sponsor Valued Accountancy, on the 5th.

After that, please join us at North East Homeless for our networking session on the 6th.

MINT’s Alan Sawyers will then take us through Google Your Business basics, including all its amazing benefits, on the 12th of April.

Then on the 19th, Nicola takes us through “How To Be More Human” with your marketing and values.

This is followed by Google Analytics: PART 2 with Peter and Alan on the 26th where you can ask questions and talk about your Google goals a bit more.

Finally, we begin the first session of Let’s Talk About Marketing on the 28th.

Thank you to everyone for such an awesome month of March and we can’t wait to bring you more! If you’re not a member yet and would like to see what it’s all about, then take a look here.

We are so excited for you all to see what we have planned for the downstairs of the MINT hub and for this place to become a full-on small biz hotspot.