How is it March 2022 already?

by | Mar 1, 2022

HOW did February come and go so quickly? So much has changed in the last month so this is a well-needed recap blog.

MINT training

We held our monthly intentions-setting session for the members at the very beginning of the month, with members writing down the things they wanted to achieve this month.

Our first face-to-face session of the year, A MINT start to 2022, ended up running online in January – but this month we finally got to do the long-awaited vision boarding session at the beautiful Derwent Manor Hotel! So much was learned both about how we work and how those around us think. If you come into the new MINT hub you will see the vision boards we made, ready to be hung on the walls as a daily reminder.

This month’s training has been all about curveballs! What would you do if you couldn’t get to your office, ended up unable to work for a short period, or if someone doesn’t pay a bill on time?

Nicola ran a training course all about this (now available to the members on the website) where she talked all about planning ahead and how to cope when all this hits the fan.

We also discussed curveballs in our Q&A recap session with Alan and Nic, alongside using insights in your business! We regularly do Q&A training sessions where we recap on that month’s topics and many other aspects of running your business.

We held another taster session this month as well, resulting in several amazing new MINTie members. At this session, we discussed all the amazing opportunities MINT has to offer as well as gave attendees a taste of how we carry out masterminding sessions.

Moving in and getting stuck in

We may have gotten the keys to a glorious new building in January, but thanks to the team and all the lovely members who showed up to help decorate and renovate, the building is almost fully ready! We held two painting days to show the MINTies how awesome the building is, uncovering a beautiful staircase, painting up all the walls and helping move things around. Our members can now really say they helped make this happen.

Holly and Suzanne are now fully moved into their new workspace, aside from a handful of items to go on walls, and are greatly enjoying the hours of sunshine they get through the windows.

We celebrate more member-versaries this month!

Four MINTie members reached the four-year milestone of being MINT in February…

Jill Stewart, who makes beautiful clocks and jewelry inspired by the gorgeous Northumbrian countryside.

Deborah Nolan, of DN Creative Marketing and Design, creates beautiful logos, marketing plans, social media planning and so much more!

Aimee Veitch, designs and makes stunning corsets and bridal wear as Corsetry & Couture. Everything is made to measure and made to celebrate YOU!

Danielle Stanley, serving fabulous subscription boxes full of stationery as Under The Rowan Trees. They have also just announced they’re doing a new type of box – the Rowan Box: After Dark!

Finally Clare Edwin, as Lolla Mac with her beautiful, handmade pieces it’s hard not to fall in love with her jewelry.

This month we also have a handful of MINT ‘thank you’s from our Members Only Facebook Group:

Shell Farnham: “A big shout out for my fellow Rock Steady bootcampers – I love our meetups and I am learning so much from Nicola and from all of them.”

Marsha Dolan Ellis: “Cathryn Clark is sorting out two ear aches/ headaches for me thank you, dear (aka husband and son in pain).”

Peter Surridge: “Joanne Stanton has been a massive help on the Kickstart project. Thank you Jo.”

Cathryn Clark: “Rachael Beattie was a fabulous model for me in my promo video & has been a sounding board for me on more than one occasion!”

Jane Cooper: “Hannah Wiggins for her unofficial tech support extraordinaire.”

Aimee Veitch: “Joanne Stanton, Dale Veitch and Beth Gowland are my MINTie team! Thanks for all your help and support”

Jacqueline Wood: “Laura Peel Forsyth for being a totally amazing person and for all her help in getting me much more organised and efficient.”

Rachel Hunter: “Oh my goodness how long have you got? My original boot campers Keely Pearce, Moira Barnes Danielle Stanley Rachel McClumpha for their continued support, Laura Thomson, Jane Cooper, Sarah Alcock, Hannah Wiggins & Rachel again.To Rachael Beattie for helping me start my journey to fitness last year. And to the MINTies who choose me to help their wellbeing.”

Katie Siddle: “Jill Harper Hill for being amazing cheerleaders and friends”

Sandra Hope: “Cathryn Clark for Sorting out my partners bulging disc issues (he wouldn’t believe me what I was telling him to help until went to Cathryn who said the same now he believes me) also shout out to Katie at Cloud Nine Ceramics who is making me ceramic diffusers and Rachael Beattie for helping me have better relationship to food”

Shelley Farnham: “Another big shout out for Laura Peel Forsyth who retrieved an email address for me this morning at the last minute and on her way out the door! Her practical, doable strategies for beating overwhelm are excellent too.”

Rachael Beattie: “Huge shout out to Ian Mc & his team for transforming mine and my husband’s car today!! Hugely recommend!!”

Jennifer I-side: “Thank you to Emma Burridge who I’m working for on some funded art and craft projects love working at the fish quay hub and to Rachael Beattie who has attended them and posts lovely comments afterwards. AND thank you to everyone who I am learning from.”

Rachael Beattie: ” The BIGGEST shout out goes to Nicola Jayne Little for creating this amazing space for us all to connect!”

Next month

Another packed month for MINT with Intentions Setting straight off the bat with Suzanne and Pete on Tuesday March 1.

Nicola and sales expert Moira Barnes will then deliver “What Do You Sell” training on March 8, followed by the start of our Marketing is MINT two-day course starting on March 10.

Analytics with tech expert Pete is on March 15 and we’ll be inviting all members to our new hub on March 22 (look out for a non-members open day soon too).

Thank you to everyone for such an awesome month and we can’t wait to bring you more! If you’re not a member yet, and would like to see what it’s all about, then please join our next taster session.