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Note – Membership cancellations require 7 days notice before the next payment is due to be taken to allow time for the payment to be stopped. After this time the membership will remain active until the end of the membership period that has been paid for. Should you wish to cancel, simply email and she will organise it for you.


Meet some of our current members below and find out what they have to say about MINT.


“MINT has helped me stay calm and focused in a crisis and develop my professional skills even at my busiest.”

Full Testimonial

My businesses are: The Tea Enthusiasts, Discovering Durham, Be Kind Rewind.

I am an e-commerce tea merchant since 2004. My mission is to bring loose leaf tea and all its flavours to as many people as possible and have fun doing it.

I’ve been a member since: Jan 2020

I joined MINT because: When you want to succeed in business you need to surround yourself with people who share your passion, drive and positive mindset. keeping your knowledge up to date is vital and Mint makes that easy to do with regular, timely training sessions. The support and knowledge comes from the steering group but also from the members who have a genuine desire to help their fellow minties.

MINT has helped me: To stay calm and focused in a crisis. They have helped me develop my professional skills even when I am at my busiest. Mint has been a force for motivation and support.

My one MINT standout moment is: Sitting alone in my warehouse having closed my shop for who knew how long wondering whether I can bring staff into the Wearhouse. Not having a single clue what the future held, I felt the weight of being the boss. I felt so alone in that moment if I make the wrong decision I am putting people at real risk. Then my phone went ding, it was Nicola doing a “don’t panic” live. We would all be ok, we would all keep looking and moving forward and we would all stick together. So I knew I wasn’t alone, that gave me the strength to pull on my big girl pants and be the leader my staff needed, that I needed. I have come out of the COVID crisis stronger and more resilient. In part due to Nicolas sheer bloody-minded refusal to let any of us wallow more than absolutely necessary.


“MINT has pushed me outside my comfort zone to achieve new heights in my business.”

Full Testimonial

My business is: Pocket Video School

I do video editing, production and training DIY video content creation.

I’ve been a member since: Sep 2018.

I joined MINT because: I wanted to network with like-minded business owners and get access to training that is very hard to come by at such a cost-effective price point.

MINT has helped me: Grow in confidence with my business, explore new opportunities and push me outside my comfort zone to achive new heights in my business.

My one MINT standout moment is: Seeing people take action on the training I’ve delivered in Mint and see results from it!!


“Anything can happen in MINT, all your dreams, whatever they are, can come true!!”

Full Testimonial

My business is: Nattalingo

I support primary schools who want to offer French, as well as parents who want their children to learn French. Yes, I teach French, but not as you know it! I want as many children as possible to have a positive experience learning French from a young age.

I’ve been a member since: the beginning.

I joined MINT because: I had met Nicola on numerous occasions and I knew I wanted to work with her. I loved the idea of regular business training alongside the training that I already in my field, language teaching.

MINT has helped me: To learn, learn and learn! It has given me confidence in how I run my business, it has helped me make it more efficient and therefore more sustainable, and it has given me the support that I have needed – moral as well as technical. I have worked with many other members and made many friends in the process!

My one MINT standout moment is: How can I choose, there are so many?! I am going to go for a day we had in March 2020, training to get us thinking about money (so so important!)… and I ended up marrying a fellow Mintie in a role play… Yes, anything can happen in MINT, all your dreams, whatever they are, can come true!!

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