Emma Lamb joined us this week to host a session on Instagram Stories. Emma is an external trainer who teaches this subject so we hope you enjoy it.

This session took place on Thursday 14th May 2020.

Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Underneath the video you will also find a PDF Transcript.

Transcript of Video

So welcome to my Instagram stories masterclass. So my name’s Emma and I own Nine Fifteen Social

Media. So what my business is, it’s a social media agency and we mostly focus on small businesses Instagram training. So we go through everything for Instagram for business. And we also do management for other businesses too. So kind of started Nine Fifteen because I wanted to help small businesses understand Instagram. I found that a lot of people feel a bit overwhelmed with Instagram sometimes most because there’s so many features and sometimes people can’t get that return of investment that you can from other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But actually it’s a really great platform because a lot of audiences on there, there’s so many people, it’s very much visual. You can have that kind of connection with your audience and your customers, which is brilliant.

And with Instagram stories, I always feel this is the best way to connect with your followers because it’s so interactive. You can make polls, you can ask questions and you can basically create a conversation, which is what you want to do on Instagram. To be able to kind of gain that credibility as a business and sell. So I made the workbook, it’s very much comprehensive because I want you to be able to refer back to this workbook whenever you need help. Cause I always find it’s always great to kind of come back on something.

Welcome to the new people that’s just joined. It’s always great to come back onto something rather than just, I don’t want you to sit there and write lots of notes. So I’m going to go through the workbook and there’s going to be stages where I’m going to share my mobile. So you can see me actually use Instagram stories and explain while showing you what I mean. So the objectives of this masterclass is to understand the importance of Instagram stories. And how to utilise them for rich engagement and sales. We want to be a storyteller on Instagram stories because you have so much creative free reign that that you can be really creative and showcase your brand much more easily than you could in a feed post.

So what is Instagram stories? Instagram stories is basically a tool that was introduced by Instagram in 2016 that allows you to create content with added features such as GIFs, polls, now you can add stickers. But the thing with Instagram is when you upload, you become a creator on Instagram stories. So it’s suggested that stories is more of a marketing opportunity because more people view stories than a feed supposedly. It might be different for every single person. There’s no, you’re not getting judged because there’s no likes and there’s no comments. So people are just kind of taking it on. It also allows you to be more creative with fonts. Instagram stories has released that there’s more fonts coming, which is brilliant. You can draw, you can add stickers, GIFts, questions, and use such things as hashtags and locations to help you reach.

So when I create a story, I always try to remember the fact that there’s a beginning, a middle and an end to have a much more engaging results. So I want people to basically click through all my stories and at the end of my story to be a call to action for them to do something. And if you have 10,000 followers, you can have spike ups so you can directly link your followers to a website, Facebook, anywhere that you want them to go.

So how to post an Instagram story, you literally just go to the top left of your feed or on your profile, you can click your profile and you click the camera at the top left of the screen. So it will take you to the Instagram stories where you can either do text, do Instagram live or use photos that are on your mobile or tablet device.

You can post this and then you can add them to your highlights, which store your Instagram stories for longer than 24 hours, which is brilliant. It’s just, it’s another cross-market. And so you can send people to highlight as well from feed and Instagram stories posts. This is @trendlstr amazing vintage clothes. Definitely check her out.

So here are some ideas. So I wanted to give you some ideas on what you can do for Instagram stories as I do want you to go into this blind, I guess I could say. So things I like to do is to host a question and the answer, I always find they’re really fun because I can get direct feedback from my followers, especially if I’m thinking about maybe introducing a new service or introducing a new product. I can get direct feedback, which is brilliant. I like to shout out small small businesses as well.

I love to do this. I like to show behind the scenes. So I mean the majority of the time it’s usually my dog Murphy, but he’s too cute not to. So you can also create your own templates. I like to do this on Canva. Share your favorite post, introduce who you work with. So these are just some ideas as a great way to kind of showcase your business, showcase your brand, and to create a stronger connection with your followers.

So I always suggest as well, when creating content for Instagram stories to include lifestyle or behind the scenes because they feel like they are very much more relatable as well as introducing yourself. So I, my Instagram stories started introducing me as Emma rather than just Nine Fifteen as a business. And from this I’ve gained so much more followers, so much more engagement and quite a few more sales.

So the next part is you can also post your feed, you can post your feed and you can share your feed post to your Instagram stories. So to do this, you find the post that you want to add to your Instagram stories on your feed. You click the paper airplane looking icon, and you can then add this to your story. And this, I use this when I want people to view my feed posts. So I usually post around half six or nine pm, depending on my analytics and I want to get as much attention to that post. So I’ll put that on my Instagram story and tell people to go and comment and go and engage with this feed post.

Can I just get you to stop there? Couple of people said that the sounds dropped out, so I’m just making sure that’s not everyone. How’s the sound for everyone now?

Is that all right?

I can hear you.

Okay. Carry on then please Emma.

If anybody wants us to slow down, just let me know. I’ve got a chat open now. Okay, so I’m just going to quickly go through these and then I’m going to show you exactly what I mean. So Instagram stories allows you to kind of connect with your audience through different features such as GIFs, GIFs, I love to use. I’m going to show you in a bit how I get my favorite GIFts. I love to use them to kind of just add a bit more animation to a static imagery, such as if I’m going to share a feed post, I can say new post or tap here because the user has to tap on their screen to be able to view it.

Another one is quizzes. So I hosted a Instagram algorithm quiz, which was my most successful quiz. Around 200 people entered into the quiz, I guess you could say. And it was fun because I was testing people’s knowledge and right now, I missed the last point.

So I was just talking about GIFs. Gifs are a really great way to interact. You can put your feed post on, you can put your feed posts on your Instagram stories and you can use a GIF to say new post now or tap here. So you’re giving a call to action to your followers. And if you go into quizzes, as I was saying, sorry. I hosted a quiz about algorithm and it got about about 200 people entering this quiz and the end of it they found it very much interesting, they were messaging me saying that they thought they knew more than they did and they found out new things, which is exactly what I wanted to do to do. And from this quiz I was able to generate more kind of an understanding of how my followers know Instagram for my feed post. So it was great for content and developing my business. Could it be this is something that I need to put into my masterclasses and things like that.

Countdown. So I like to use a countdown when I have a new offer that’s coming out. If I have a new product or service, it kind of, it brings an excitement and especially on Instagram, they can opt in. They can opt in to be told when a countdown is ending, so they’ll be notified straight away, which is brilliant, especially if you’re going to come out with products or services. I like to use ask a question or even host a Q & A. So someone’s just mentioned this in the comments and this is something I was going to go over as well. If you do ask a question or if you do even anything really, you will get very much random responses. And you can’t stop it because these are users on Instagram known as bots. Instagram’s trying to get bots to go away. However these still are around so you will get a lot of more just random stuff. I

get a lot of Hey, Nine Fifteen and things like that.

So how long in advance can you use countdown? I think you can do it literally a week before. Yeah. So quick question and answer is really great. I like to use it as getting feedback from my followers. If I’m going to create a new masterclass, kind of get an understanding of how they understand me. What’s their problems? I like to learn about that from hosting a question and answer. For my clients, we’ve done a lot of hosting a question and answer for them to then reply as a video because you can reply as a video or reply as an image. So I want to show you, I want to now show this on my mobile, so I’m just going to currently connect. So bear with.

So the screen will come up to say that we are connecting to my mobile device. There you go. Okay. So can everyone see kind of like my mobile, it should say screen mirroring Zoom-emmar, stop mirroring.

Brilliant. So can you see my Instagram?



Oh, not yet.


Excellent. So, it’s a little bit laggy. Okay, bear with me. I’m just going to stop sharing on my mobile device and then reshare it and hopefully it’ll catch up. I’m just going to screenshare my mobile device again. Two seconds. Okay, that seems a bit better. How’s that for everyone?

Okay. Bear with, it’s a little bit laggy, but it seems to, can you still see me scrolling up and down?

Yep. Yep.

Brilliant. Okay, so let’s take for example, I posted on my feed how to support small businesses. So I want to now drive engagement and my users directly to that post. So I’m going to click on that post. Come on, zoom. There we go. Sorry, it’s a little bit laggy, but, and then I’m going to click on the airplane icon, which is next to the comment icon and I’m going to add this post to my story.

I’ll let Zoom catch up. So can you see on your screen, add post to story? Yeah. Lovely. It’ll catch up soon. And what I’m going to do now is I’m going to add this feed post to my story.

I’m just gonna re share again and hopefully then I can at least show you these devices, these features. So I’m just going to screen mirror again. There we go. Let’s hope it works this time. Okay. This is my Instagram stories. So you can see we’ve got different options. We’ve got the location, your mentioned, the hashtag, challenges, there’s GIF, tag, donation, poll, questions, everything. These are things that I like to use. So for example, to drive engagement to that feed post, I would add a GIF and I would search, let’s see if it’s going to work.

Okay. It’s still laggy at the moment, but this is where I would do this. So I would go on GIF and I would type new post and that would come up with different kinds of GIFs of new post, which is like illustrations. I want one that would be a call to action. So I would put new post or I’d put tap here because I want people to basically go to that feed and engage with it for reach. I would use the location.

So for me, when I use this, when I use locations on Instagram stories, I want to, okay, I’m going to just go back into the workbook.

So for things such as, there we go, so there we can see examples of a quiz. So I wouldn’t say it’s too, I

like pineapple on pizza. Sometimes I like to use lifestyle quizzes because it just drives engagement. A lot

of people are stuck inside. A lot of them are bored, so they’re seeking entertainment. So I like to create a

few quizzes around my business, around their understanding of my industry or just around any lifestyle,

kind of fun quizzes to make it more interesting. There’s an example of the countdown. So I had a

competition and I was saying this competitions ending in two days and 11 hours and that drives excitement to the competition. So they’re going to click on that feed post and they’re going to enter this competition cause it’s free. There’s an example of a question.

So I like to put out what’s your current struggles with Instagram for business? And you will get the odd random reply with constant Instagrammers working on this. But it is a bot. So I just kind of dismiss them and you can get things such as re shares. So from what I showed you before, in terms of people sharing feed posts, what I like to do for me and for my clients is anyone that’s tagged me in a post, and it’s relevant to me, such as people may tag me in a masterclass that they joined. And re posts, I will ask the user first, if I can share this on my story and if I can, I go through the same the same steps of clicking that share button. If it’s an open account, then I can share it to my Instagram story and I will say like, check out this, check out such and such who joined my masterclass, see what she thinks about it. Things like this.

This is an example of Northeast Eats. So she shared her TikTok and I mentioned on my page a couple of weeks ago about TikTok and like giving some advice and she went and did this and she made, she created a TikTok of Cookie Freaks who are based in Tynemouth and she got around a hundred thousand views on TikTok and she shared this to her feed post saying Nine Fifteen gave me this advice. So I shared that to my Instagram story just to kind of as a reshare. There’s a lot of sharing on Instagram stories.

So someone asks, does it matter where you place the tap here GIF? I have done it before and it just had lots of people asking me. It doesn’t do anything. So I use my GIFs on top of my feed post because I want people to tap my feed post.

Sometimes you do have to tell people as well, just a little bit of a text saying tap the image because you have to do it once or twice depending on the device that they’re on. The thing with Instagram stories and Instagram channel, you really do have to just tell the customer what to do. People love to be told what to do and it kind of helps them. It’s not a guessing game as well, so it’s very much very clear. When we get instructions, we want them to be as clear as possible. So that’s kind of what I do on my feed posts. I would be like, save this post or share this post to Instagram story. Just tell them what to do. But don’t be afraid to do it. You just have to tell them.

So hashtags, so I like to use hashtags on my Instagram stories. So if I’m going to post about algorithm, I’m going to use a hashtag that’s going to say media marketing. If I’m going to post something on my story such as if it’s my dog Murphy, then I might just put dogs of Instagram. I just want to generate as much kind of interest as possible. In terms of location, I think I mentioned this before, so I use cities, so depending on where it is. For example, one of my clients is Scoop and Bean, which is an ice cream shop in South Shields. So I will be using South Shields and Newcastle and Sunderland cause they’re kind of cities and towns that are close by because I, I use it, it’s depending on what you want to use. I use cities because they kind of generate more of an interest rather than just using Jarrow, for instance, only a couple of will view them. Whereas Newcastle quite a few more will view that Instagram story.

So you can hide, you can hide your location and hashtags on Instagram. So I like to hide these from just kind of make, you can make them really small and it’s on your screen so you can put it behind the GIF. Someone said, can you put behind the badge? Yes, you can put behind the kind of like the GIF or the text. You would just click, we put it on the GIF and then you just click on the GIF and basically what it does is it pushes the text to the back. So anything that overlays text, if you just click that, that thing and then it’ll bring the text to the back. Such as layering. So yeah, so if you make your Instagram, so I like to make my locations quite small, especially if I’ve got nothing to hide them behind.

I make them small and I kind of just drag them to the side to the bottom. But people don’t usually think to look. But to be fair, I’ve kind of started embracing my hashtags on my location because I kind of do focus on Northern businesses. So I do like to tell people that it’s based in Newcastle or I do like to tell people that my hashtag is social media marketing so they know exactly what I am basically, if they’re going to view me, not from my followers, they know exactly what my business is about.

So, so on Instagram, on Instagram stories you can add one image from your photos at the bottom left, but you can add another image. You simply open up the Instagram story that you want to create. So this again could be a reshare from a feed post, but you might have a, another image that you want to add in.

You would add that to your Instagram stories. You would come out of the app, you would go to where your photos are on your device. Now, I don’t know if this works for Android. It might, but I’m not too sure. So this is just from iPhone perspective. So I come out of the Instagram stories, I go to where my photo is and my photo album, I will click on that image and then I will scroll up and you will see what will say copy. So you click the copy option, you go back into Instagram stories and it will pop up like here as a sticker from that you’re able to add another image. So I like to do this if say one of my clients is a photographer, I like to do this. If I want to add multiple images to her Instagram story, especially if she’s, she’s coming out with some new prints that people can buy. Yeah.

So someone asked just then, how can you add more than one location? You can’t on Instagram you can only add one location. It only gives you that option for one. Yes. So that’s how to add another image as a sticker.

Instagram stories, highlights. So previously on Instagram to add a cover image to your highlight, you had to add a cover image to your highlight. You had to add it on Instagram stories and then use that as a cover image. But now you can directly add them to your cover images. So I love my Instagram highlights. I see my Instagram highlights as a portfolio because when a user comes on your profile, that’s really the first thing that they kind of look up before they’re going to look at your feed posts. They’ve got to look at your bio and they’re going to look at your Instagram stories, highlights to see if you add value to them. Cause they’re following so many people on Instagram and there’s so much noise, so people are being picky on who they’re going to follow.

So you want to have good highlight, cover images. I like to use icons, these icons I downloaded and then played around with on Photoshop and uploaded. So if we go on to the next slide, so you can upload a

highlight cover without having to upload it to Instagram stories first. So this can only be done on mobile or tablet device. You simply go to your highlight that you want to click, you click on this highlight and then you click the three dots at the bottom, click edit highlight, click edit cover. And then at the far left you will have whatever’s in that Instagram highlight. You have that come up at the bottom here at the far left they will be a kind of like a photo icon. This is an example showing you on the black Instagram stories. Cause you can have a black background or you can have a white background. So this is on a black background. It’s kind of hard to see sometimes, but they’ve made it now where you can kind of see it now. So, Sara Phillips has just said on Android you can go to the text icon and then you click the emoji icon, the pin. I’m just gonna quickly read that.

So to add, you want to click the comment, it will bring it up to your gallery, select image, click arrow and click add to story, which is a great way of adding things to your story from your images.

So these are some tools and some resources that I like to use. So I like to use unfold. Unfold is kind of, it’s a popular Instagram stories layout. It does make it a bit more interesting and they’ve got a lot of presets, so they’ve got a lot of imagery that and layouts that you can play around with and literally simply just add in video or imagery. So a design kit is you kind of get a bit more creative. You can kind of experiment with fonts, which is brilliant because you kind of want to create something on Instagram stories that no one else is. So you want to be a bit more imaginative, you want to get a bit more creative.

And then Canva. So I love Canva. I think everyone does. There’s Canva and there’s another Over. So a lady on Instagram called Mirren Design Studios, she told me about Over. It’s O V E R, which is another kind of alternative to Canva, which is great. I like to do this and that one’s on Canva because I feel like if I can give my audience a quiz, something that’ll entertain them they’re more likely to take part in it. Story Chic, like Instagram, it’s got a lot of layout and kind of collage type ones, which get a bit more creative with it. So I really enjoy using that. Highlight Cover Maker is great, a great way to create quick highlight covers, which is really useful, especially if you don’t want to go in the way that I did where I had to download icons, then I had to put them into photoshop and then had to change the color, which is a bit annoying.

So highlight cover makers, they’ve got lots of imagery to play with. But again, you can always hire someone to make you a cover image. I always do think they are an investment because they show off kind of in a small image, what this highlight is about, which is really what you want. So we’ve also got story art, which always reminds me of a sketchbook. So I like to play with this a few times, especially if I’m going to showcase ideas. So I like to showcase behind the scenes of my workbooks and with story art I kind of can make it into a bit of a sketchbook, which I always find is fun. So I’m going to quickly show you if it works. I’m going to quickly show you how to actually, I’m just going to show you my desktop so I’m to come out of this workbook.

The next part was just notes and brainstorming. So I’m going to spend the next 10 minutes quickly showing you how I find my GIFs on Pinterest. Because I always find it’s a great way to kind of use something that’s not normally, that not everybody’s already using. And then I’ll take questions and answers from the group chat and also from via video, anything. So I’m just going to come out of this page, quit and go on Pinterest and then reshare the picture.

You might see a lot of red and stuff on my Pinterest. But that’s just for my friend, not for me. So I’m just going to re share my page. So here is my screen. So can everyone see that Pinterest screen? Oh, cool. Brilliant. Thank you Deborah. So this is where I like to get a lot of my story ideas as well. There’s so many creative people on Pinterest, it’s unreal. So they just kind of just create things and just get experimenting. And I think that’s why people love Instagram stories because you can see such simple things as this rather than just showing her breakfast. She’s showing morning, just a bit more kind of imagery around it.

Can everyone still hear? Sorry, someone said that they’d lost sound.

Just to double check if everyone can still get me back on. Brilliant. I’m not too sure. I’m still here and I can still hear everything and just so everyone knows if I can still hear it, it’s still going through being recorded and therefore everything will be there.

Brilliant. Thank you. So I like to use Pinterest for Instagram stories, ideas, especially when I want a bit more creativity and I just want to be inspired. So that’s something that you can search on Pinterest. But I like to look at Instagram stories GIFs. So how a GIF is put on Instagram stories is via a website called giphy.com. So giphy.com was kind of the original, well I would say it’s the place where a lot of GIFs come from that you see on such things as Twitter or Facebook or Instagram stories. So, and this is what I just like to search, Instagram stories GIF and I like to save my favourite ones. So as you can see, if you search the illustrator’s name, on Instagram stories, all their GIFs come up.

So I like to use such things as just adding small illustrations. It could be that I want people to mail me, so I click on the kind of envelope icon. Oh such things as love it news. This one’s a really great one. There’s things like this one. And I just kind of create a Pinterest board and I just saved them to them. And because I create Instagram stories on my mobile, I’m able to quickly go on Pinterest and come off it. I can go on Pinterest, see the illustrator that I want to type in, comeback on Instagram stories and type it in then then, so I really like to use kind of this way of just finding out new illustrators on Instagram stories.

So someone says, so can we choose what we like and save them to Instagram? So for example, say I love this one about coffee because I just love coffee. You obviously can’t save it then. So what I would do is I would take this name, so greendotori, I would go into Instagram stories. I would click on GIFs and I

would type that in. I can quickly the next five minutes, see if we can do it depending on how my wifi wants to work withZzoom, so I’m going to quickly reach out to my mobile device. So, bear with for two seconds, just so I can show you how to do this.

My internet and laptop have been working so well this week it would be today. So here we are going to quickly connect. So I would type in green, go on zoom, you can connect! It might work. So there we go. So I would click on GIFs and I would type in greendotori. And here we are. So we see all their illustrations under their name on GIFs and I just think it’s a new way to kind of not use GIFs that are being already used at the moment. And these are just kind of a new way to kind of introduce GIFs to Instagram stories and make them, you can use multiple GIFts as well. So I could use one from greendotori or I can use it from different things such as anywhere else on Pinterest of people that I like, add multiple GIFs.

So I always create a Pinterest board and I just save them to that. And then I just kind of refer back to them. I always like to create such things so here’s a new one saying new post. This one. I’ve not seen this heart with the one around it. That’s completely new. I’ve never seen that on Instagram stories at the moment. So you’re just kind of introducing new things to your Instagram stories and making them a bit more animated. I think I always find that GIFs help animate a Instagram story especially. So I’m just going to go back on here and then I’m just going to quickly share the screen and then I will take some questions. So,

That’s great. That looks a bit more professional. There we go. So I would love to take some questions now from anybody. You can ask me them in the chat or if anybody wants to come off audio, I think you can come off of audio now.

So someone says why can you only post one product on stories? So you can post multiple images in one physical story. You can do the the kind of cheat that’s shown in the workbooks, which is copying an image from your photo album and then posting them to your Instagram stories. You can’t post multiple feed posts to one Instagram story. So you’d have to post one feed post, come out, go to your feet again and share it to your Instagram stories. If you can get your workbook that will be all set out for you.

You can’t edit a story. And the only way that you could do this is by to take it off and to redo it so you can’t physically edit it.

How do you post a second story? So again, you just go through the same, where you like you posted your first story. So if I just go onto the workbook to show you. Okay, click that.

So again, you would then just go to the top left hand, all of your kind of mobile device. You can’t post stories on your desktop yet. Instagram hasn’t allowed this. And then you would post another story as well.

Sorry Emma, can I get you to stop sharing your screen and then I can see everyone and then they can just raise their hand?

Okay. There you go.

So Sara, do you want to share your question?

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t hear my name. You know the highlights section? I have a product based business, I’m always never sure whether to just have a product highlight little round thing or one for each category. What would you recommend?

I would, okay. Depends on your preference. So say if the products are far away from each other, like not in the same kind of category, then yes, you may want to have them in different highlights. However I think I was, cause you have about 85 that you can see on an on a mobile device. I was kind of like to have, each story is different. So I’ll have one for my masterclass and a story for my masterclass and then I’ll have a story about me and Nine Fifteen and then I’ll have a story about my management services just so people can see the different things that I’m offering them in terms of value on Instagram stories, I always find that the more I can get people to look at my stories, the more they’re more likely to follow me.

Cause I already have like news reviews, competitions. So I didn’t know whether like to make it even bigger and bigger or just have a product.

I would suggest having them all together. You can kind of get lost in the Instagram story highlights for example, Mrs Hinch. She has a lot of kind of story highlights and they are repetitive so you do kind of get lost, especially if you’re a business and you want the main things to be seen. So maybe keep all your products together.

Okay. Thank you.

Can I ask a question? I love Instagram. I use it quite a lot and I did a live the other day, my first one. I’ve got products and I did a live for showcasing my products. I found, and I didn’t really think about it, was I

couldn’t see the comments coming up. So I thought, well I’ll go back to it and of course the live was lost. I lost all the comments. So how do I, what’s the best way to tackle that?

So Instagram stories, I think they recently spoke about this, but you can’t see if your Instagram, sorry, you can’t save your Instagram live to your stories after 24 hours.

I can’t find it at all.

So after a live it usually says share to stories usually pops up. That’s how you share to stories. However you can’t see your comments. So I’ve recently gone live as well. So what I started doing, in my upcoming live, I’m going to screen record, so I’m going to screen record my screen cause I usually go on Instagram live on my mobile device. And from that I will then be able to, you would have to cut it into a video depending on how long it is, but I’m able to upload it onto my Instagram stories, but it’d have to be one minute different videos cut up. However, for me, I’m going to do this because I want to keep them onto my highlights as well. So the only option really around this is to, is to screen record when you’re going live.

There’s also TV, isn’t there? IGTV what’s that?

So IGTV is something that will go on your feed. So it’s, it’s basically you can record up to a minute on Instagram on an Instagram feed post. Anything over a minute up to 10 minutes will go on IGTV. It’s a separate application that you have to download and upload into. However it does show up on your feed and you can share this to Instagram stories. However it’ll only come up as about a 10 second preview. And then you would then have to do the Instagram stories telling people to go and view that IGTV. I do like IGTV. I do find that they’re great, especially for showing products as well. And it does, it does stay on your page, which is brilliant.

Right. Okay. So screenshot, how do you screenshot then? It depends on what kind of device do you have? Samsung, Samsung, well I’m not too sure on an Android devices. I can find out for you.

Android, if you want to know I’ve got a Samsung.

Yeah, that’d be good.

You press together, at the same time you press your power button and your volume down and that’ll actually, you’ll see your screen flash slightly.


So will that do it for recording though. If I’m doing a live, is it the same, same process?

I’ve never tried.

If I’m doing a live and I’m getting my comments up from people that are interested, I need to try and save those comments and be able to get back to them.

You can just go in your messages and your little arrow on the right hand side at the top. That’s where all the messages go and your comments from any stories.

Yeah, but I don’t think it does it when you go live. I lost them you see, I couldn’t get back to it. I literally couldn’t find them.

So you can’t screen record your screen as you would in an iPhone, which it already has it built in, so you’d have to download. It’s easy but you’d have to download a third party app. So I’ve just Googled this and there’s quite a few good ones to kind of check out. So again, what you would do is you would download that app, you would click, click play and that will basically screen record anything that you’re doing on your mobile device. So you can then go on to Instagram live and kind of host your Instagram live and screen record that.

Thank you Tessa, next question is from Hannah. Oh no, no. Okay. Lucinda Reed.

It’s been answered.


Just going back to the highlights sections, which I haven’t yet done on my Instagram. If you put them in in the wrong order, can you reorder them or do you have to be well organized and put them in the right order?

You can reorganize them without, so say you uploaded five and the second one wasn’t meant to be second, you would have to kind of unhighlight them and then rehighlight them as long as they’re in your Instagram stories for that 24 hours. So say I started taking some photos, three photos now and I’ve just uploaded them to Instagram story. And the second one, I was meant to put that one in first. However, I’ve got one, two, three so it was meant to go two, one, three. So I’d have to go into my highlights on highlighter and highlight them again. Okay. Okay. Thank you. No problem.

Next question from Sam Hunter.

Oh hi. I was just wondering you know, on your highlights, does it make any difference if the image is an image and the title is words or if you have the wording within the image and then say like on mine I use like a little emoji so backwards. But I wondered if there was any difference by having the physical words in there on the title rather than the picture. Does that make sense?

Yeah, that totally makes sense. I do know what you mean because I got one called Instagram algorithm and that does not fit into the title that you can have.

That’s why I did it because some of them are too long. So I thought, how can I summarize it? And the only way I could make it consistent was to use like a little emoji. And I love emojis so I put them everywhere and then my images have them in them. But I don’t know if it’s a bit backwards and maybe cause I wouldn’t be able to be like found that way or

No, I think the whole thing of Instagram cover images is the fact that the user can know that, the user can exactly know what they’re about to click into. So if it is, for example, I’ll give you mine, mine will be algorithm. If I, if I’ve just got a picture of a wifi sign and just no text they won’t know exactly what they’re going to click on. So I usually like to play around with icons, but I’ve also had played around with text in the image as long as the text is easily, they can easily view it because a lot of people use mobile.

So as long as you do it on the mobile device, then I think, I think that’s perfectly okay.

Cool. Thank you. Next question from Claire.

I don’t remember. I can’t remember what the question was that I put down a question somewhere.

You put a couple down.

Well one of them was about the location. You said you could pull it down and say the town and cities and this, that and the other. But when I’ve tried putting locations on, if I put, say Hexham on first and then I wanted to put Newcastle on, it just overrides the original one so I can only get one location.

Yes. So we can only at the moment, Instagram only allows you to put one location on. You’re able to put multiple hashtags aren’t though. You’re able to put in multiple hashtags on, you use hashtag feature as one hashtag and then the rest of them go in as texts. Yeah, yeah.

And there’s a few people who were commenting on struggling with Android getting a second stories up. Just to say that if anyone is anyone’s, not sure if you want to get into afterwards, I can help them with that. Cause I’ve got an Android.

That’s perfect. Thank you Claire.

This is definitely something that I’ve been kind of looking into as well. I use an iPhone, however, a lot of my masterclasses are on Android as well. No worries. Thank you. Thanks.

Does anyone else have any questions? Sorry, you go ahead.

Okay. I’m very, very new to Instagram. So can I just take you right back to basics? So when you go on your home page Emma, so I’ve got your homepage up in front of me. So where, how do I write a post? Cause I figured out how to add a story but I haven’t picked out where I write a post.

Brilliant. So for example, if you’re on my profile at the moment you will probably see this screen. So basically this little plus sign down here, if you click it, it allows you to then create a feed post, add any image that you want to put on, you would click next. It asks you if you want to put a filter on. I’m kind of a bit on the fence with filters. For me personally, I don’t like to use them. I like to try and keep, keep it as clear as possible to be an original image or product that I’m trying to sell. So then you would get again, just follow the instructions that would say click next and then you’ll have this page. So this is where, this is called the body. So this is where you would put in your kind of body of text.

You can also put in your hashtags that you want to use. You can then put in a location as well. Yeah, it comes up with a suggestion, so in mine it’s got South Shields, Jarrow and Newcastle. You have to turn your kind of location on in your mobile or tablet device as well. And then it allows you to post to other accounts. So it lets me post to Nine Fifteen. I’ve got my personal one, I’ve got clients on there. And you can also post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr at the bottom as well.

So when I go to other people’s pages and what I see is like the home page, like I saw on yours. Well, how would I find your posts? So you would just kind of scroll it down, right. And then that gives me pictures. Are those not your stories?

Not. So these are, if you view on my profile, so this is my Instagram feed, so this is what I’m uploading to Instagram as a feed. You’d then click on any of them. And then my stories are always in here. So they usually have kind of a little ring around them. But that’s where you would click a story on a person’s feed and then view their stories.

One final question, I was given a tip to start following people and seeing what hashtags they use. I’m trying to create a bank of hashtags to make my life easier. How can I easily like just copy and paste groups of hashtags to create a bank for myself? Is that a good thing to do?

Yeah. I’ve got an Instagram database primarily Northeast, so I can send you the link to that as well. So it’s just basically a Google sheet, about 700 hashtags I’ve kind of collected.

But on a mobile or tablet device, you would have to kind of save them. So you would have to take them out into your notes or there’s kind of apps that you can use as well. So someone says that they use plant app for saving hashtags in. But for me I like to, what I like to do personally is I like to go on my desktop. So if I go onto my laptop, I’m able to kind of click and copy the hashtags that I want to use. And I saved them to Google sheets anywhere where I can access it on my mobile device as well. Google keep, I love to use anything Google. I just think it’s brilliant because I can use it on my mobile device. But yes, I’ve got a Northeast hashtag list, which I’ll post about on my Instagram as well for anybody that wants it.

Hi. new. I’m new to Instagram and what I’m getting confised about is that when you make an original post, you can’t do all the fancy stuff, can you? You can’t put GIFs then and things like that. You have to just do it in your story.

Yeah. So if you want add GIFs anything that’s kind of what’s in your Instagram stories, you can add this to feed post externally. So you’d have to make up an image using such things as Canva or Photoshop. Then get it onto your mobile device and then upload it into Instagram. Okay.

And also I’m a bit confused about, so I’ve just put something up there about making an aroma therapy blend to put hashtags to other aroma therapy. Things like aroma therapy, blending, aroma therapy oils. Is it good to put hashtags? I don’t know.

So, I have my audience personas. So I have about three audience personas of who I want, who my ideal clients are who are going to buy my products and that’s who I’m going to market to. So from that, I then create some hashtags. I created them around what I basically think, what are my audience going to search on Instagram? Are they going to search small biz UK? So hashtag small business or they’re going to search social media marketing, are they going to search Instagram tips? And I basically use the hashtags that I think they’re going to search to find me. So would be things around aroma therapy. I like to use, excuse me, I like to use locations. So I like to use such things as Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, Sunderland, South Shields. I always have a mix of location, industry, very very niche.

So there’s a neat hashtag for Northeast businesses called NE Followers, very niche ones like that. And then I kind of, that’s, that’s my kind of mix, but I keep it as niche as possible. So anything over a hundred thousand hashtag usage, content that’s been used and there’s hashtags such as social media marketing is about 2 million content in it. I’m not going to use, I’m not going to use that one because you won’t see me in the recent feeds. After a minute there’ll be about 10 other people in it. So I do keep them very niche and I do keep them around my business and location and I just kind of basically think what would my ideal clients, search Instagram to find me. So usually Newcastle, social media and things such as that.

Okay. Thank you very much.

Always try and think of it as Google. So people are now using Instagram to find products. So on Google aroma therapy Newcastle. Aroma therapy and then usually follow it by your location there, the hashtags to use as well.

Also, one more question, is it easy to, if you start making your own hashtags, how quickly does that take to build up?

It depends. So say you’re going to have, I would just suggest having a hashtag that’s related to your business and then have this in all your marketing materials. So if you sell products, have your hashtag on a thank you card and try and encourage your customers to take photos of their, of your products with your hashtag. Any other questions?

Good morning. Thank you so much. You’re a lovely teacher. Thank you for that.

Thank you.

I have three little questions please. I couldn’t quite hear what you said. When the hashtag comes up, I seem to be only able to put one hashtag about how do you put more than one hashtag on, or should you put them in the comments, you know. Are a lot of hashtags for comments with static posts or is it just one hashtag for the stories?

Instagram only allows you to add one hashtag using the official hashtag feature. However, you can add different hashtags using the text feature. So that kind of allows you to explain to the user that view the Instagram story what this is about. So if I was to do an Instagram masterclass, I might want to use the main hashtag, which is Instagram masterclass. However, using the text feature, I may want to add social media marketing and learn Instagram, small biz, such things as that. Thank you. So when you say the text features, that’s just a button to press.

Yep. So do you see at the top right? I’ll just show you on here since my zoom does want to connect to my mobile. So say I upload a photo, so if you can see it at the top.

Oh, lovely. Yes.

So that’s where you’d then add in all of the other hashtags. Don’t use your main one, just use kind of all the hashtags that you would use.

Lovely. And two quick questions. How long do you get, if you’re doing a video, how long do you get? How long is that? And what happens, what’s the Instagram app you need to do IGTTV?

Just search on the app store, IGTV and it’ll come up. I think Instagram stories. I think it’s around 30 seconds. I’ll just quickly google it.

If you do too long on Instagram stories, does that automatically drop into IGTV?

No. So say I’m filming myself on Instagram stories that will basically create multiple stories until about a minute. And then it’ll say that you’re not allowed to do them anymore in terms of, so you then have to post that and then and then go back into Instagram stories and still keep going.

So it’s multiple little ones?


Because I see some people who seem to have very long Instagram stories and other people so much.

Guys, that’s been the quickest hour ever. So I think we’ll be doing some more things on Instagram stories. Sorry Lucinda, did you have a quick question?

I’m not quite sure how quick it is. I clicked on your, one of your highlights things and it was the first masterclass one that’s got lots of different images. Have you got that in your workbook? How you do lots of different images into a story?

Yes. I think that was on one of the pages in this Instagram stories masterclass workbook. I think it was about the fifth page. I’ll try to find it.

Thank you. No problem.

That’s all for today. And I think we will be having you back to go through some things.E said that she can take email, emails or comments on Instagram if you have any questions after today’s session as well.