This months theme is WordPress and after the slightly more advanced session we ran at Consett (see for details) we have run the intro session at both Blyth and North Tyneside locations.

The content covered:

  1. What do I need to have a website ?
  2. Website Hosting
  3. Website platform options
  4. Finding your way around WordPress
  5. A quick look at eCommerce


Please find below the link to the PDF containing the slides used in the session.

The key thing to remember from the session is that Websites are nothing to be scared of and if you have the time, energy and a bit of technical know how there is nothing to stop you building your own website.

Engaging with a developer resource can save you hours of work though, hours that you could spent working on or developing your business – or more importantly servicing your customers.

We now have Jackie Latham and Peter Surridge in Savvys providing website development services, and Jenny Stewart proving IT support so you’re not alone and have support if you choose to use it !

WordPress Websites – Intro