How MINT was January 2022?

by | Jan 31, 2022

WHAT A MONTH!!! January has been filled with so many things, where do we start!?

How about we start with the exciting news that its MINT’s fourth birthday…

Well, at least it’s the fourth anniversary of us taking on our first group of paying members, back in January 2018 when we were The Savvy Solos Business Club.

We have been celebrating this by shouting out and talking to all the MINTies who have been here since day one. We have had so many fantastic times and created such wonderful memories with all these amazing business owners:

  • Nathalie Paris – a wonderful storyteller and self proclaimed “Geordie French teacher”
  • Laura Forsyth – a positively passionate productivity and business consultant
  • Cathrine Muir – who makes every room she touches beautiful with her epic interior design skills
  • Ian McAninly – who keeps cars clean and sparkling
  • Rita Callender – who helps businesses and the people behind them
  • Gavin Forster – who takes breathtaking photos
  • Moira Barnes – who LOVES sales and helps others to learn to love selling so that they can grow and achieve

So what else MINT happened in January?

At the very start of the month, we kicked off the year with the first in a series of online training sessions for members – “A MINT start to 2022” – and it was MINT indeed!

Although we didn’t get to do it in-person as planned (we’re making up for it in February) it was an epic event where we went through the first few worksheets of the MINT 2022 planner, setting out for the year ahead (get yours here to join the fun!).

We had an inspiring talk from Dr Yvonne Gale, where she opened up about her life and how she took control and changed it for the better. We also had a Vision Boarding discussion by Rachel Hunter, which we are so excited to bring to life at our February event!

We’re getting started on the new MINTie headquarters!

We got the keys to our brand new building, the former Braes pub in Consett! We’re so excited to work next month to create a flexible creative space where people can work comfortably! Were also going crazy waiting to show you all the transformation. It’s going to be an incredible space for co-working, creating and just being MINT.

The photo below shows members Gavin and Ian on the left, helping Nicola at the new MINT HQ a couple of weeks ago and, on the right, their very first day with MINT in January 2018.

Why is this photo so special? Because it’s testament to the real business community our members have helped us to shape.

Photo shows MINT members in a training room and two members stood in the corridor of the new MINT building.

MINT members Ian and Gavin then and now – January 2018 and January 2022.

From Kickstarter to Apprentice

Our Kickstarter Holly is nearing the end of their six month placement and is going on to become our apprentice. No doubt you have seen Holly on our reels and we are so excited for them to learn lots of new things to bring to us and all you MINTies (probably in the form of dancing around on Instagram). Holly will be working with Zenith Training for this opportunity.

This month has been very much focused on growth and celebration.

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We’re so ready to see what February throws our way and show you all our hard work in the new MINTie headquarters!