Just what does success look like anyway?

by | May 5, 2018 | MINT Blog | 0 comments

When we think of success in business terms, we tend to think about multi-million pound turnovers, high profit margins and lots of staff.


Every year I glance at the regional and national awards wondering why the measure of success tends to be measured on turnover and financial growth (well, it seems to me to be the most important factor).
I mean I get it, more money means you’re probably doing better, but for those of us running micro-businesses, it’s a different story – what comprises our success?

Turnover, net worth, bonuses and salary are all measurable quantities and are a measure of a failing business as much as a successful one. Status, title, holidays and possessions like jewellery, clothes and cars make some business owners tick. For me, I know that my business success is measured by me. It is exactly what I define it to be. It’s more than just possessions and materialistic goods that money affords me.

Success for me equals not having to work for anyone else. It means the freedom to make my own business choices, make my own mistakes, work with clients I choose and do exactly what I love doing.

Success for me is measured by how many business owners leave my office feeling better after training and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions – and always learning to do it better.

My resilience is my success. Planning my free time in any way I chose is my success. Being a happy, stable, hard-working human being is my success.

In my opinion, success is inextricably linked with wellbeing, happiness and lifestyle.

The next time you have a moment, take a minute to think about what makes your business a success for you. If anyone ever asks you when you’re going to grow, take on staff, get a bigger office, sit well in the knowledge that you’re doing just fine as you for as long as you choose.