Making your social media efficient, consistent and magnificent

by | Feb 2, 2023

Running a business, we have so many things to do that can lead to our social media becoming lost in the mix.

I often hear people tell me “oh I don’t have time for social media” or “I’m scared what I post will not be good enough” and “I just don’t know how to use it!”.

I will go over my top tips to create an efficient and consistent way to post and hopefully get you over the social media fear!


If you have ever met and asked me in person, I will always warn you that algorithms HATE scheduling!

Here’s a comparison I made with The MINT Instagram. You can see the higher numbers from content posted straight from my phone and of people’s real human faces.

ALT TEXT: 6 images comparing the imediatly posted intagram posts vs the scheduled ones. The scheduled ones have significantly lower interaction.,

The reason social media platforms don’t want you scheduling too many posts is that they want you to be as authentic and ‘present’ as possible. It’s slightly better when using their own scheduling systems, like Meta Business Suite, which covers Instagram and Facebook.

Look at your posts and ask yourself:

  • Do these get a lot of engagement?
  • What does this bring to your business?
  • Is this something that has to happen?

By looking at your posts and seeing no one is really interacting with your weekly #throwbackthursday you can either reduce it or stop, especially if it brings you lots of stress and takes up a bunch of time.

Does your post help your existing customers or generate more? If it doesn’t help or create then don’t feel like you HAVE to do it.

Some posts may not get a lot of likes, but they make people happy. These are things like birthday posts. Most people won’t care unless it’s them, and when it’s their turn they get to feel good. They associate and remember what you did when looking for who to buy from.

It might be worth sitting down for an afternoon and going through it. Taking the time now can save so much in the future.

The fastest way to keep up with all the trends for me has been being on the HeyOrca newsletter list. They keep me up to date with canva templates, trending audios and general social media news. For lots of people, it’s just another email in the Inbox though.

Blocking out time and batch-creating content is an easy way to put it into one bit of time so it doesn’t always have to take up space in your mind.  Batch-making posts is just sitting and making and scheduling post after post.

Look out for opportunities when you are out and about too… Have a business meeting at a pub? Make a story and tag who you’re with (and the pub)! Going to Networking? Perfect chance for selfies and tagging all those other people too (and connect with them on LinkedIn). Plan to sit in the car and post and tag everyone for 10 min before you go. Often if you tag people and places they will repost your content, allowing more people to see it and you.

Calls to action to get people to interact with you, go to your website or contact you is an important part of making your social media presence magnificent but can also help you supply more content. Put your link out, tell people about your Linktree in bio, ask people to comment this or that, tag someone who loves this etc.

While I did just say scheduling can give bad results it can be amazing for…


Staying consistent is key! One post on a random day every month or so isn’t going to push your message. Social media moves so quickly that posts quickly become forgotten for the newest shiny post! You have to constantly remind people “HEY I’M HERE!!!”

Scheduling a handful of posts to go out once or twice a week can boost the amount people who see you and your business without you being on the spot to come up with something, eventually getting overwhelmed and posting nothing. You can now schedule reels and stories too!

Posting things like stories is a great way to get your content out immediately, and if you’re not sure about it it’ll be gone in 24 hours unless you save it as a highlight. It’s almost like a separate feed that goes a lot faster and isn’t permanent.

Wanna post your dog walking to the post office with you but people don’t particularly engage in that with you?

How about a selfie of you working but you really don’t feel like that goes with your account?

Pics of you setting up your stall that will be irrelevant by Monday?



If you’re looking to improve your social media skills and presence we have a monthly social media afternoon with me as well as regular training sessions for members!

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