SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

SEO is not a priority for every business – it really depends on whether you want to be found through searches on the Internet.

If you’re happy for your website mainly to be accessed by people who have been given your URL then maybe SEO is not your priority at this time – and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, if you want to appear on searches by other people then you really need to be paying attention to, and investing in, your Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO takes time, patience and planning. Thinking about the searches you want to appear on is really important as this helps identify the keywords that you want to use on your site.

Setting up the keywords, and ‘optimising’ the content to reflect those keywords is essential if you want to help your quest to appear towards the top of the search engine results.

Please note that I did not say No. 1 of the search engine results ! You will see loads of offers ‘guaranteeing’ you the top spot – but the reality is that this is not always possible for every keyword as there are a lot of factors that will impact that.

Optimising your pages and post content takes time – and using a tool like Yoast SEO (on WordPress websites) can help simplify the process.

Other useful tools include the Google Keyword Planner (to assess potential keywords relevant to your site), Google Search Console so you can re-index your site and ranking tools such as SE Rush are also worth looking at.

I’m happy to run 1:1 sessions for individuals (or group sessions) if you’d like some more guidance on getting the best out of the tools available and looking at your particular site and how it currently sits regarding SEO.

You will find the slides that I use on my SEO training sessions here.

Good luck !