Marketing: 15 Content Ideas in 15 minutes, March 2021

by | Feb 21, 2021

Nic and Michelle Rose have been hard at it creating a series of recordings which we will publish each month giving ideas for content for your Social Media and online content campaigns.

Take a look for yourself for some inspiration.

Transcript of Video

Hi everybody. It’s Nicola here from Mint Business Club and Michelle from Michelle Rose Marketing.
We’re going to do 15 content ideas for March in 15 minutes. So straight into it, Michelle, 1st of March,
Saint David’s day.

Exactly. So a nod to all of our wWelsh friends out there. Our Welsh friends and clients.
Indeed. so obviously if you’ve got any links to Wales or you just like it, you know, you might have been
on holiday in Wales, share some photos, just, you know, yeah.

Happy memories, happy memories of holidays that you had. It’s a nice, it’s really difficult. Isn’t it? I think as well, because as we record this, we’re still in a lock down. We’re so desperate to travel. So it’s a really nice time to, to bring the seaside, bring the Welsh countryside to your social media feed, and those of you who are watching, who maybe are in hospitality, you know, please show us the wondrousness of your Welsh B&Bs and hostels and hotels, because we want to see that. We want to come and visit again, as soon as we can. We do. We definitely do. Right, straight on to the 2nd of March, which is national old stuff day.

I love this, being a child of the nineties. And like I was just saying to my friend today, Sex and the City’s coming back, the followup to Queer As Folk is back. And there’s a big sort of run on books, like the Jilly Cooper books and the Jackie Collins and rereading those when you’re in lockdown, the nineties is back and it’s fantastic.

Right. Okay. So what’s your favourite thing, old stuff? You see, mine has to be my Teddy bear Henry bear, which I got when I was eight-months old, being able to save in a fire. Right. And the thing actually that I would be buried with. So you could share anything, all stuff from your childhood memories,  bring, bring anything into that conversation. I mean, honestly, it’s endless
I’ve got a Teddy bear. So you could do, you know, show us your Teddy bear. I know a while ago, the
beautiful Doctor Rebecca Dinsdale did share a photo of you when you were little. And ah, I think I
remember seeing you on that thread Nic and it was, it was social media gold. It was brilliant.

Absolutely. Absolutely lush. Ok then, swiftly moving on. What about World Book day on the fourth?
This is the same for all parents actually. Absolutely. Maybe because the schools aren’t in at the moment we’ve been saved from, well, I have nothing positive to say about World Book days.
It’s very stressful for those kids who don’t like getting dressed up and don’t like doing what they’re told to do for World Book day. However, from a business point of view, what about your
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I had a thread in my group just recently about what what business books, lifestyle books have you been reading and you get the you know, you get all of your favorites, but you find some real gems as well. So that’s a, that’s a lovely idea. If you’re a baker, what’s your favourite baking book? I think we associate World Book day with kids dressing up and Roald Dahl, but actually you’re right. It could be your favourite book full stop. You know, it’s not about dressing up as a princess.

You could tie in, you could tie in national, old stuff day and World Book day. I’ve got all of my books from when I was little. And when I get out my copy of Matilda or The Naughtiest Girl At School and show the kids like their versions, they, they think that my books an old one, and it’s not worth reading, but it’s the same book.

It’s just like yonks old. What about tying in your favourite local independent bookshop? Right. Cause who doesn’t want to do that? We’ve got one local to us in Corbridge. Absolutely magnificent. Love it.

Absolutely love it. I can’t remember the name. Can you remember the name?

We’ll have to give them a tag. Yes. And I’m sure at the minute as well, tagging, and I could go on about how many amazing businesses that are in Corbridge, but a lot of those businesses that are still doing click and collect or click and post and deliver. So if you can on your feed, shout out to other local businesses at any time of the month, not just on specific days, it’s even more important now that we build a community and we, we, you know, we, we just promote the businesses just because we can. And because when I, Yeah, because, because you can be nice and it actually gets you loads back. If you’d be nice on social media, tagging people in, commenting on their posts, you know, having that etiquette.

Moving swiftly on, I don’t know how many we’re up to, but we’ve got International Women’s day, which is on the eighth. It’s a, it’s a really big thing for both you and I, and we always are involved in some way and doing something. I’ve been on stages speaking about it, I’ve done training for it. We’ve done training courses specifically for women and we’re not actually just about women. We never have been. Our businesses aren’t particularly aimed at women, certainly Mint Business club isn’t. But you know, what we’re trying to do is raise, raise the profile, isn’t it? Talk about equality and tag some amazing female businesses in. And you can stag some blokes in, if you like, why not? But you know, there are so many amazing females who are running small businesses who would love, love a tag or a mention.

I definitely don’t. And a lot of the ones who are maybe like me and a lot of your members, at Mint Nic, who are parents who are trying to homeschool and run their business and might just be feeling really deflated just to give them that shout out to say, you know, you’re doing awesome and you might just feel like you’re just being enough at the minute, but enough is enough and you really need to celebrate.

And I don’t know what the theme is of international women’s day this year, but there will be one. So it might be worth going and looking. We can find out as well. And that people know, but there’s always a hashtag. It will be hashtag IWU day IWD 2021. So make sure that you use that because, you know, that’s giving you a chance then to be picked up from people that maybe wouldn’t ordinarily find you on social.

So, you know, make the most of those hashtags for all of the days really, but especially a massive one like International Women’s day.

I’ve just realised as well, Michelle, that the eighth of March is the day the kids are supposed to be going back to school, perhaps, maybe. So That would be International Parent Celebration Day!
All the women pass out and all the men pass out and all the parents pass out. You’ll see everybody just like posting from bed. The kids are going back. Let’s hope, we’re recording this in January. So you don’t know, but let’s hope that runs together and what a celebration that would be!
It’s got to be a celebration of positivity for, you know, it, I know it comes to the end of the month, but on the 28th, it’s like the clocks go forward. So we are starting to come into spring and there’s that sort of that new life, new possibilities. It’s been a tough year. We’re also coming up to, we haven’t mentioned it, but we’re coming up to the anniversary of UK lockdown, you know. There’s a bag of mixed emotions.

So the positivity and support and you know, people on social media and just spreading those little rays of, if we can be the rays of hope and the rays of happiness and, you know, build up other people, then I think we owe it to our audiences to do that.

This year, for sure. Right. Skipping forward then, I’m going forward to, let me just say, I love plant a
flower day on the 12th. Obviously, if you’re watching this, we’re not giving you something for every day, but if you search on the Awareness Days, I think it’s an You can find something for every single day. We just picked out our top 15 favorites. I mean, planting flowers, you know, I’m watching my bulbs coming up now I’m obsessed with them, like obsessed with them, right. So even if you’re not a particular gardener you could be talking about flowers or sharing flowers or sharing pictures of your garden, you know.

People love that, don’t they? They love that, you know, you’re the leader of Mint Business Club. You give advice, you bring people on to interview, but when you’ve been renovating your home, and I know you have like separate sort of a separate time for that, but when you share something like your flowers coming through in your new garden and the pride you take in that, your feed goes mad. People like to see behind the scenes, they like to see a little peek into our world. And especially if you are a bit of a leader or a follower, and you might not think you are, but if you’re someone who provides a service that people pay for you, then they like to see like, you know, what’s, what’s behind the cupboard door and they feel then real trust and it’s relationship building. And so I probably won’t share a plant cause I’m one of those people that just seems to look at them and they wilt. So I’ll just, I’ll just retweet all of your stuff Nic that day.

I’ll bring you some flowers, but how about this then for all the mothers in the world, you cannot escape Mother’s day. And, and it’s a lovely day for so many people. For the kids, especially for those of us who are lucky you know, to still have our mums around, you know, there’s that celebration of life. If your mum’s not there and how wonderful your mum was. And you know, for some people it does work. For some people, you know, they’re not in that fortunate position to share something that they want to share. And I think we do always have to have a nod to that. You know, not everybody likes these days.

Some people really find those kinds of days a struggle. But for those of us who can, like, you’ve just got to tag your mum haven’t you? And what about if you’re selling stuff for Mother’s day, in which case you’ve gotta be planning that now in January.

You’ve got to be planning on having it. Cause it’s, it’s early this year, the joys of British sort of Easter and spring time is Mother’s day is earlier. And I think there’s a couple of things that you said there, Nic, yes.

Trigger warning. If it’s not for you. Yeah. Turn off for the day. Plan nothing, unfollow certain hashtags in apps that you are in control of. You know, there are no, there are no rules.
I hope definitely that we can, you know, my mum’s in my bubble, so I’m really lucky for that. But I really hope that for those of you who haven’t had your mum, your parents in your bubble, and they’re saying at the moment, as we record in January that the, like the selfie of having your COVID vaccination is like the most popular selfie at the minute. You know, everyone like seventy, eighty year olds taking these selfies, but can you imagine if we can start meeting up by, you know, mid-March and how powerful our selfies will be and what joy it will be to see them. So there’s a fingers crossed hope moment, but I’m going to say this, please sell. We’ve said this, we said it for January. We said it for February. And we were going to labour the point, it’s social media. You are allowed to sell.

Now, please do, please do, because selling is what you’re here for as well. You know, there’s lots and lots of different funnels. There’s lots of ways to make the sales. You’ve got to raise your awareness.

You’ve got to post your content or else nobody can buy, but please sell as well. And we’ll, we’ll move on.

How many are we up to Michelle?

One, two, three, seven.

Okay. So Saint Patrick’s day, the 17th. We start the month with Saint David’s day, a nod to our Welsh friends. And then obviously we’ll go, we’re going for Paddy’s day on the 17th. So again, it’s this thing, I mean, you just might like daffodils and no, that’s Wales. We’ve got flowers, we’ve got planting flowers, we’ve got daffodils, we’ve got shamrocks. But also goodness gracious. So we’ve got Saint Patrick’s day.

Can we just go straight into, after that amazing blooper Nic, into the 18th. Awkward Moments day.
What a segway. We should be the Ant and Dec.

Which one is the flowers? No the Welsh one’s the flowers. The other one’s the shamrock. I know my days. And however I can remember very, very vividly going to Dublin, right? To to the tower for
Guinness and go and standing on the top. And just haven’t, I don’t even like Guinness. I’ve got loads of pictures to share for Saint Patrick’s day and how nice is it to remember that, that trip and that lovely four day break, by the way.

Not the Guinness but into Awkward Moments day on the 18th, which that one wasn’t planned. And see that sometimes your best content comes out of mistakes, awkward moments or saying something daft.

In fact, on the challenge we’ve just run in Mint, one of our wonderful photographers, Tina, her, her
super secret for day six of the challenge was that she can’t take selfies. So she made a grid of literally the funniest, worst selfies you’ve ever seen. She’s in the sea, the North sea freezing. I mean, honestly, I was rolling around, how like a professional photographer and this stuff. These are just, they’re just brilliant.

How many awkward selfies can you actually take?

I love it. And you’ve got Charlotte who’s a cake baker in Mint she could be like, what’s your awkward cake moments? I know me and Alby had to bake for, for school. Way back before the Christmas break and we made scones. I mean, they were flat pancakes. I think pancakes would have been thicker than them. And I had to send these into school. Like the shame, Do I blame on Alby? And I was like, I cannot.

But it’s, again, people love that. It’s awkward moments, super secrets. It’s that normality and we’re not, we’re not sort of filters and Insta perfect life. We’re not about that at all, but it’s really refreshing when you just see a whole load of like hilarious normal stuff. So let’s go for awkward moments there, make it a good day.

I have to say that. Yeah. If you actually started thinking about it, there’s one or two awkward moments with clients, perhaps we wouldn’t share, but you could share an awkward moment and how you dealt with it, but don’t name your clients. Okay.

Now, I forgot to tell you this one, cause on red nose day, which you’re either going to love or hate, or donate or not, get involved or not, but it’s also clients day. So you’ve got clients day and you’ve got National Poultry day, Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken! However, I like the idea that you can have a date for us Michelle.

I like you can send a red nose to your client. You could make a donation to a client’s favourite charity. There’s a lot you could do, but Just appreciate your clients and tell them how much you like working with them. If you’re in service, you know, you’re going to have a range of clients. You probably haven’t got 7,000 know you’ve got enough there that you can post a card to that you could just tag on any social channel. Do you know what I mean? And that’s how lovely to celebrate your clients?

I was reading something. I can’t remember where it was. So I can’t give credit where credit is due about my friend, but the company decided that they would ring up the people that they dealt with in that sort of customer business. But it was like the accounts department and someone just rang and was like, hello. I just wanted to say how much we appreciate you, because if it wasn’t for you.

They sent flowers or chocolates or, you know, and then, and a lot of these people like have the buying decision in a way, like further down the chain, don’t they?

So if then these ideas, if they don’t maybe work for content, they might give you sort of ideas in a wider marketing context. I think just appreciate people, Michelle is always a good idea. I don’t care what day of the week it is, you know, to appreciate people, to drop them a message, to post something out to them, to do something. Just to know that you, you know, they’re being thought of. Yeah, we should be doing this and all of the time anyway, but this is a specific day. Appreciate your clients. Okay.

So then 20th is the rugby. I can’t wait for the six nations to start. If you’re not into rugby, how about on the 21st, either fragrance day, depends on what industry you’re in or what favourite fragrance drop the hints, try to sell things. Or it’s also World Poetry day, that’s a nice one, but I have to be careful. I’m not sure if these are all English British or American at all. We’ll have check the hashtags, but World Poetry day, if you’re into poetry like Louise Heaps from Word Kitchen who wrote us the most magnificent poem.

But now I’m just giving myself an idea because I can share the Mint poem that Louise wrote us.
Right. And you could do it in sort of in sections or actually something that I wanted to mention.

This month was Reels, Instagram Reels. I am building myself up to start in Reels, but it would be a lovely thing for you to do Nic or ask people, could you have your 15 or 30 seconds? But you could get like 10 people to all say like a line, and then you could edit it together and have like a Reel go out. Something like that.

I mean, obviously I’d have to learn to edit that, but I could see how some of us pay for other people to do that kind of thing. But what I could do is actually read some of it myself. I mean, I could, I could manage that, but how cool would that be? You know, three or four or five members just reading out chunks of our Mint poem. It would just be awesome. Right.

And 19 minutes and five seconds. So we really need to get these last minutes. I’m just thinking that we’ve got waffles and innovation on the 25th, I quite like innovation or the innovators in your business. That’s the 25th March. Now for me, an important one, Spanish paella day on the 27th because I missed my little trips to Barcelona, which are a big part of my life and what we
worked for to do. So we could make some paella in the house, have a little sangria, share all our photos of Barcelona and hopefully plan for the next time that we can go. Yeah. Hopefully, hopefully.

Then I think we said Michelle, it’s Palm Sunday on the 28th. So really looking at, you know the start of Easter. Yeah. It’s the start of Easter. It is. It’s a start of new beginnings. The days are getting later, whatever situation we find ourselves in at the end of March, we need to pat ourselves on the back that we have got through, you know, long days and long nights of a, of a COVID winter.

I think that some positivity as we roll in the spring is going to be a good one. So there’s plenty to go out in March. And this is just on top or instead of or whatever, all of the normal content that you’ve planned for your business, the stuff that you’re selling, the blogs that you have done, the posts that you would normally be sharing. This just adds on.

And if you’re having a stuck a day, keep watching this. Writing down.

Definitely we all have the stuck days, don’t we? Where we’ll just have no idea what we’re going to say. Thank you for watching everybody. Yes, indeed. Thank you for watching. We’ll see you soon for April.

We will. Bye.