Mindful moments to stay calm

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Mindful moments to stay calm.

Mindful Makers is all about using craft and being creative to become more mindful and gain some calm in a busy world. However, there are lots of other ways to be mindful throughout your day. Mindfulness is when you bring awareness to the activity that you are doing. Francine Russell explained being mindful as coming “out of auto pilot”. We have all been on auto pilot for various activities but really bringing an awareness has many benefits such as decreased anxiety, improved sleep, and better feeling of well-being.
Mindful Moments
I am going to give you a few ways in which you can include some mindful moments into your day. These moments won’t take long but by immersing yourself in one thing is a great way to be more mindful and in turn improve your well-being.
Breathing is something we do without giving a thought, it’s automatic, it’s how we survive. But there are actually different ways in which you can breathe. If we bring our awareness to our breathing, we will start to notice when our breathing differs depending on how we are feeling. Changing our breath could help us be calmer in a stressful situation. Simply bring awareness to your breath at different parts of your day. Focus on it for a minute or two and see how you feel. I have a simple breathing exercise on my Instagram TV however there are various breathing exercises in books and online to have a go at.

Now this is what I am all about! Craft, sewing in particular, to relax and calm your mind. To take your mind away from that constant chatter. Sewing might not be your thing, but any form of creativity could work. Drawing, colouring, playing an instrument, woodwork. Anything that you enjoy. I was sent an article about the calming effects of sewing, which states there is a “relief from the pressure of multitasking …. replaced by focussing on one thing.” This is crafting mindfully. Absorbing yourself in the creative task to take yourself away. What creative task could you do today? Focus just on that and see how you feel? I found using air dry clay with my girls really therapeutic and was quite happy with the results.
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Mindful Eating is bringing awareness to eating and appreciating whatever it is you have. I have listened and read a little about mindful eating and I am very guilty of NOT doing it, especially since being in lock down. We have sat in front of the tv for meals as a treat with a film, I have scrolled on my phone, I’ve rushed my food without even thinking! You do not have to do it every time you eat just choose one time and really focus on the taste, smell, texture and feeling it gives you.

Mindful exercise is being aware of how your body feels and how it makes you feel afterwards. I’m more a yoga kind of exercise person but I have started running. Although it is a bit out of my comfort zone to be honest, but I am enjoying it. The headspace you get when you are running on your own is great. You don’t have to go on a run. You could play with your kids, do some yoga or just stretch. Just really appreciate what your body can do. Here is a photo of me a wee bit flushed on a run .

Since lock down I have tried to get my girlies outside as much as we can. They love being outside (most of the time) and always seem to notice things around us that I sometimes miss. A bird’s nest, a colourful leaf, or a shape in the clouds. When did we stop noticing the simple things? When did we get stuck in day to day life that the joy in finding beautiful things around us stopped? Mindfully observing is looking like a child. Not being distracted by the mental chatter and noticing things around you in that moment. On your daily exercise get outside and try and really look. You will be surprised at what you spot. Here is the wee nest my daughters found in our garden.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these suggestions and if you would like to hear more things like this, you can sign up to my mailing list for crafty tips, advice and projects to set you on your way to some creative calm.