MINT Member Lockdown Reflections: Dr Rebecca

by | Mar 28, 2021

Life in lockdown – is it possible to be joyous?

That is quite a question isn’t it?

Gosh! Have you had much joy in the last year? I bet you’ve had some disappointment, sorrow, frustration, restriction and maybe even depression. I really hope that you’ve not been grieving and I really hope you’ve not been ill. However, there is some help… a Lifejoy kind of help.

Everyone seemed very shocked by lockdown. It was their first experience of it.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t my first experience

Severe chronic illness meant that I had more than two decades of lockdown. Illness dominated my life and I have worked hard that it didn’t define me. After years of learning how to cope with such restrictions whilst trying to continue in formal education, I finally found myself trying to be self-employed. There were few choices available to me – therefore whatever I was going to do, it had to have a loving purpose and guess what?

You are that loving purpose!

Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for every like and comment on social media. Thank you for every order. Thank you for buying my beautiful books, inspiring e-courses and glorious gifts. Thank you for telling me that what I was trying to do was worthwhile. By saying that to me, you made it worthwhile.

When the rest of the world suddenly faced a restricted life and were talking about what they were missing, I suddenly remembered something. They were talking about the wealth of their normal lives – all the wonder things of being well and able function.

I had forgotten about all those things. I had forgotten entirely what it was like to go on holidays abroad, go to parties, big concerts or just particulate fully in normality. Because illness had deprived me of those choices I just decided the only way to cope was to count my small blessings because those epic blessings were beyond my comprehension. I was content. I still am. Being in the house and being bored is very different from being bed-bound because your physical health is ruined.

So how does this help you in lockdown?

Well I have written something to help.

I almost did it at the start of the first lockdown but had a worrisome feeling that this might go on longer than most people realised. Therefore, Lockdown Life was written whilst we were still in the winter and longing for the first signs of spring. Within this offering there were wise insights to help you keep going when the dark nights were still oppressing us and we needed an extra bit of Lifejoy to help us along.

So back to question above? Have you learned anything during this last year?

I don’t mean new skills or crafts – have you learned anything about yourself? Are you braver than you realised? Are you more resourceful than you thought? Are you more social than you used to be? Now that last question is an odd one because being social is not something we have been allowed to do. Yet the formal lockdown has made me much more social. I have seen more people more regularly than in the last 29 years. Can you believe that?

Thank God for the technology to facilitate it all. I have seen pals on Zoom and been able to participate like never before. I’ve made new pals and been booked to do new work… all through the little iPad propped up on two boxes and a notepad to keep it stable.

The joy for me in lockdown has not been conventional

I already appreciated every aspect of my life. I’ve spent 29 years dreading any kind of infection and reaping the consequences of even a trifling cold. Therefore, that kind of cautious living made me cherish everything and everyone. Those were the lessons of enduring struggle but now I am overjoyed by the people that have come into our lives on a daily basis and always sit in the top corner of the screen!

I wish you the same kind of joy.

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