MINTies… It’s time to evolve (yes, again!)

by | Apr 27, 2023

We’re stripping it back: Making MINT even MINTier!

Some of you will remember that before Covid, MINT members met once a month for a jam-packed morning of business support, learning, and networking. We were called the Savvy Solos Business Club at the time but, after feedback about sounding like a dating agency, we changed the brand and MINT was born!

Covid times meant a swift change to daily online training and sticking together. When everything started to settle, we decided to keep the blend of online and face-to-face meetings, running something every Tuesday morning.

In the last couple of years, the Kickstart program, funded training, and buying The HUB Consett, have meant that we’ve worked flat out.

Pile on my double diagnosis of ADHD and DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) and launching Celebrate Difference, a Social Enterprise founded to support Neurodivergent entrepreneurs, it’s been A LOT!!

We’ve been taking stock as a team over the last few months, and following feedback and conversations with many of you, we’ve decided to tweak our MINT membership offer, that is, return to the former model we launched with over 5 years ago but keeping all the best bits from the last 12 months too.

What we’ve learned

We know (and are absolutely passionate about it) that our community thrives when we come together in person.

Face-to-face conversations are MINT.

We have loved being online and acknowledge that it saved all our sanities (and businesses) over the last few years.

But, you simply can’t get the same vibe and lightbulb moments over the screen. With the best of intentions, the ‘stick around and co-work after the Zoom’ doesn’t work. But sitting in The HUB in small groups after an event – that ABSOLUTELY WORKS!

What’s coming…

From June 2023, our members will be invited to join us for one full day of MINTie business support at The HUB Consett, with the whole team on hand to work with anyone who needs us. We’ll host it on the first Tuesday of each month and the doors will be open from 9.30am for a 10am start.

We’ll structure the day around peer-to-peer learning (we call it Masterminding) and getting to know each other in the morning which will give you the chance to sort out any pressing issues you’re facing in your business with the other members who just get it. The morning will always incorporate one of our 6 Pillars of MINT: You, Foundations, Money, Marketing, Sales, and Growth.

Over your packed lunch, informal conversations will carry on, and then we invite you to stay in the HUB for the afternoon to co-work and get YOUR stuff done; especially the business stuff you find challenging with the team around to mentor and advise.

The benefits are:
1. You get to spend one whole day ON your business without interruption, making the drive up the hill absolutely worth it.
2. You’ll get stuff done because we will all be accountable to one another.
3. You’ll build stronger business relationships with the other members; our network is vital.
4. Less choice of what to attend means all our time management is more effective!
5. We’ll still have the group for daily support and questions.
6. Any HUB retail stockists can use this day to replenish their stock on the shelves.
7. You get the whole team to support your business on the day – that’s a whole load of support, and you’ll get more time focused on your needs in small groups.
8. As members, you can still hot-desk at the HUB, Consett ANY day you fancy!
9. You’ll still get preferential invitations to any additional projects which we win
10. Retailers will still get first dibs on a market stall and other HUB events.


That’s a lot of benefits right there – you could even say it’s MINT!

If you have any queries please reach out and let me know, I’ll be happy to have a chat with you.

Oh and in the summer, we’ll still host some On Tour networking, it’ll be great to see you all there.

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