MINT’s new look website – it’s all about you!

by | Jul 23, 2020

When lockdown happened and we decided to change the way we run our training (and our business!) we realised that we needed a website evolution to make sure that it is fit for an online business.

Great big MINTie thanks to Peter and Alan have been working away behind the scenes to make this a reality for us all.


One of the things you will notice is that we now have additional functionality added to the site to ensure that it is accessible by absolutely everyone. A great big thank you to our member Dean who worked closely with Peter to make sure we meet all the guidelines and more importantly, understand what people may need.

All about you – our new images

You know MINT is all about its members and we’ve created photo-montages using the selfies you’ve provided us with to represent where we are right now as a business, as a club, and where you all are in your businesses.

We’ll be creating different montage variations for use on our social media platforms so if you haven’t already added your selfie to the post in our members-only group feed, please search for the post in the announcements (top of the feed) and add your selfie now!

If you have sent us your selfie, you may just spot yourself across our social channels and you could use that image in your MINT profile picture for the members’ directory.

New homepage

We’re no longer a group that meets face to face in rooms of up to 40 people. Our website needs to reflect the fact we’re online now, and that’s what the new homepage does.

New sign up page

We’ve made it easier for non-members (and those looking to upgrade from FREE and COMMUNITY memberships) to quickly get to the benefits of joining MINT. We’ve also used three of the MANY testimonials we received from members (Thank You!). We will be using more across the various platforms.

Simpler navigation for members

The new MINT members landing page takes you straight into today’s event schedule (if there are any) with simple links for upcoming events. There’s a section for the latest video from each of the Six Pillars Of Running a MINT Business – MINDset, business foundations, Money, Marketing, Sales and Growth.

Then there is a Meet The MINTies section on this page with links to the members’ directory, special offers and member blog posts.

The new menu structure for logged-in members is:

  • Our Members – links to the directory, special offers and member blogs
  • Learning – links to the Six Pillars of running a MINT Business
  • Events & Training – links to today’s events, upcoming events and Bootcamps (if you’re in one)
  • MINT Blog – general blog posts by Nicola and the MINT team
  • Book a 121 – members get discounted rates!

As with every website launch or relaunch, there will be hiccups and hitches along the way so please, please email Peter or Alan as soon as you notice something.