March 11, 2020 9:30 am / 4:00 pm

Eagles Stadium – Scotswood Rd, Newcastle

Newcastle Eagles Stadium, Scotswood Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 7AF

Organized By

Nicola Jayne Little

55 Attendees

  • Bookings will be closed 48 hours prior to the event starting

Come along to MINT ‘s all-day, all-member event in March for a session which you will not forget in a hurry!
The theme of the day is Pricing with Confidence.

We’ll be looking at what your pricing strategy currently is and how it could be better (i.e. more profitable to tie in with your 2020 business plan). We know that raising prices can be terrifying, even when you’re mega-confident in your products or services, so we’ll also be looking at ways to increase your confidence.
In the morning we will start the day with a presentation from Laura Cook, our resident pricing-guru who will challenge you to think about your pricing model.

Following Laura, you’ll work on raising and maintaining your confidence with Suzanne Milbourne – do you celebrate when you do raise prices and let that reflect in your self worth? How about learning not to get so anxious over price rises (we think Nicola should have had this training last year!).

After your packed lunch (the Eagles Stadium does have a small café selling a limited range of hot and cold food) and networking we will move to our afternoon session.

The afternoon will be unlike like anything you’ve done before. On the Nicola scale of craziness and creativity, the activity you’re going to be doing will pretty much be off the scale.

 We don’t want to give too much away but what we are willing to tell you is;

·       Nicola will be leading the session along with Michelle Rose
·       You’ll be working in groups
·       You’ll have felt tip pens and crafty stuff
·       You will creating ‘something’ and will need to sell it to the whole group
·       There may be some presenting to the whole group

(No one will be made to speak to the whole, so please don’t stress. That said, this is a session about confidence, so even if you don’t partake in any presentations we do want you to give your all to the group work. MINT is safe, supportive and the session is designed to be FUN and we don’t want you not attending just because you think you might have to talk). 

We promise you’ll be having so much fun you won’t realise how much crucial work you’re doing on Pricing with Confidence.

 Our aim is that you leave the day knowing what specific work you can do to improve both your pricing strategy and profit margins. And trust us; every time you think of pricing you’ll think of this day; breathe through any anxiety, smile and your confidence will shine through.

See you there