MINT 2022 Year Planner


The MINT year planner for 2022 – we’ve made it bigger and better so that you can too!

**General note: the planner is still being finalised so details may change but rest assured it will be MINT!**

The planner, which has been compiled by Nicola Jayne Little with input from MINT members, is not just a diary for meetings, appointments and notes, it is a training course and accountability companion in its own right.

This year, it’s over 220 pages and includes:

  • MINDSET advice and goal setting worksheets about YOU!
  • MARKETING worksheets
  • SALES worksheets
  • MONEY worksheets
  • GROWTH worksheets
  • SIX PAGES of target setting and reflection worksheets every month (NOT 8 as Nic says in the video, that was too many)
  • Plus EVERY WEEK there’s a calendar, to-do list and notes page!

The planner is ring bound which makes it easier to lay flat on your desk when opened and will also allow you to easily photocopy the worksheets if you need additional copies (digital versions will also be available to anyone who buys the planner).