The MINT Day Planner Desk Pad


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The MINT Day Planner Desk Pad

The ultimate small business day planner is designed to help you stay consistent and productive in your business. This simple desk pad can be used in several ways to help you prioritise your time day to day.

100 pages included on each pad:

  • Set your 3 key priorities for the day
  • Time block your schedule
  • A to-do space for the things that pop up
  • A gratitude prompt
  • Record the date and your mood to track your patterns of behaviour
  • Use the schedule to record what really happens in a day, where does the time go?

The planner is glued across the top and A5 which makes it easier to keep on your desk close at hand. Staying consistent in your efforts and knowing what to prioritise are two skills all business owners need and this simple pad will help you to level up both.