Surround yourself with positive people

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Member Blogs

I have a question for you?
Do you know a mood hoover?
Not sure what I mean, well it’s somebody that whatever is happening they have it the worst, they are rarely positive and make you feel fed up when you see them. Basically they hoover up your good mood.
If you don’t know anyone like this, brilliant however, if you do you’re not alone.
The people around us can really affect how we feel and an affirmation I have is to surround myself with positive people. I’m not saying cut off ties with anyone that has a wee moan (that’s what friends are for) But to prioritise time with people that make you feel good, are happy to see you and vice versa.
Ways to surround yourself with positive people
  • Prioritise time with positive people in your week.
  • Be confident to say no to people who may bring you down.
  • Think about who makes you laugh and phone or meet up with them.
  • Join a group with the same interest (walking groups, craft clubs, online forums).
  • Volunteer, what could be more positive than volunteering with like minded caring people.
  • Listen to a positive podcast.
“An aspect of self-care that we don’t always consider is the people we choose to spend our time with.” (The Self Care Project, Jayne Hardy)
You may not realise it but those we surround ourselves with have the power to ‘elevate us, inspire us, encourage us, root for us and help us realise our goals.’ Why would we want anything else? During this pandemic many of us have been separated from these positive people and this can be really hard. I’ve recently had a trip to see some of my family in Scotland and I realised how much they affect me in a positive way. They are mood boosters not hoovers.
Lets surround ourselves with people who make us feel like like Mrs Doubtfire when hoovering 😂
I would love for you to share this blog with someone who you think is a positive person to let them know how great they are!