Published by Kayleigh Byers · October 25, 2019 ·
Just a thought…..
Our children go to school to learn. What should they be learning?
Should they be learning.. Maths, english, science, geography, history……
Should they be learning how to cook, be savvy about nutritional information, how to keep themselves fit and healthy (physically and psychologically)………
Our society has a problem with obesity. Our society has a problem with low back pain. Our society has a problem with talking about being depressed/having troubles with anxiety/dealing with emotions.
I was speaking to a first school teacher the other day and she was talking about stress. She talked about how they were giving their pupils mindfulness sessions to help combat stress. I thought this was amazing!
There is so much high quality evidence out there now to show how mindfulness and brain training can help us deal with pain and stress. Scientists have taken functional MRI scans of peoples brains (Buddhists in particular) to show the physical effects. So it’s brilliant to hear that some of our little ones could benefit from such teaching at school. Help them to cope/deal with the stresses of the modern day world and……all their pain they will inevitable have to endure.
So how about low back pain?! Yes the mindfulness will help no end but how about the core exercises that help to relieve low back pain? That’s not core stability ones just to make it clear.
Low back pain is inevitable at some point in our lives. So how about prepping our little ones, just a bit, and giving them some positive coping mechanisms? We are privileged to have access to immunizations to try to eradicate various illnesses in childhood. So why not include low back mobility exercises in the school curriculum?
Our job as a parent and as a teacher is to prep our children for the future. To educate, to empower, to help, and to steer. These children are the future. Maths, english, science…the fundamentals are so important and will always be but the importance of being healthy is surely just as important. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is life. We have been born into the world to live.
Anyways it was just a thought……