Tutorial: how to make a Reel using images

by | May 23, 2022

Making video content can be tricky, between cringing at the mere thought on appearing on camera, to not having enough time, to the pressure to get it right… this way of making reels requires no video of your face or audio of your voice.

We have all seen Instagram Reels with still images synced up to music and it wasn’t until today when a visitor came in and said “ yeah, I was looking at an app that does that, it costs £15 a month though” that I realised how much of an issue this was. It takes two minutes and Instagram does all of the leg work for you!

Here’s my quick guide on how to make Instagram Reels with still images:

Step one

Open up your Instagram on your phone, and tap on the square with a + in it. You’re then going to go and tap on the Reel tab.

Step two

You will end up on this page. You then want to tap on the little square in the bottom left to open up images.

Step Three

This will bring up your camera roll and you can pick images and short videos. Simply tap on hold for a second to put it in the order (visible at the bottom of the screen). Then click next…


Step 4

This will take you to the trending/ suggested audios. If you click on the magnifying glass it will let you look up songs.

Step 5

It will look like this for a couple of minutes so don’t worry if it’s not done in seconds. When it’s done you should have a well-synced video that took less than 5 minutes to make!




Instagram can be intimidating but they want you to make reels so they will make it as easy as possible. If your phone doesn’t do it like this because some phones/updates do it differently but it should follow the same format!

Let us know what tutorial you guys would like next!