Vision Boards… why visualising your business goals WORKS!

by | Mar 6, 2022

Last month, I hosted MINT Business Club’s very first in-person event of 2022… and it was an amazing day where members came together to create Vision Boards – putting their business (and some personal) goals down as a visual reminder.

Vision Boards can take a few different forms, but usually it’s a collage of images that represent the thing, or things, you want to achieve. That can be this year, in the next three to five years, or whatever works for what you have in mind.

I’m a fan. I love sticking things down. I love doodling and creating things that aim to replicate what’s going on in my head. The flip chart is my best friend!

It’s not for everyone. But it works, and it CAN work for you! Some people just aren’t fans of cutting and sticking.

A few of our members, for example, decided to create their Vision Boards on a laptop or tablet. And that’s the beauty of creative visualisation… your brain will take it where it feels comfortable.

So why does it work?

Well it’s a well-known fact that even writing a goal down helps you to remember it (and therefore you’re more likely to achieve it). So take that goal and represent it with an image and it helps you to visualise the goal too.

Psychology Today says of Vision Boards: “Imagining a positive future is a helpful way to increase positive emotions and optimism.”

I love this. Put down those positive outcomes of what your goal is ultimately helping you to achieve.

Your goal might be to make more money… visualise that with a new handbag, a shiny new car or a bigger house. You may set your sights on office expansion… go through some magazines and find your dream workspace – that could be a redecorated spare room or a rented space in an office building – that’s your vision.

Let’s add some personal goals into the mix… I want to go on holiday this year… what better way to represent that than with a photo of your dream location… be it Bangladesh or Bangor.

OK, to be serious for a second, it’s best to remain realistic – there are no limitations to how big we can dream sometimes, so as a supportive community of business people we’ll always do our best to help you keep your goals achievable and on track, but take a look at the buzz and excitement this exercise generated at our event… truly MINT!