We are now Webroot Resellers!

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Webroot? What’s that then?

“Webroot Endpoint Protection” is Anti-Virus software with some BIG differences!.

Probably most importantly, it doesn’t ask you daft questions that you don’t know the answer to. It just quietly does its job, in the background.

If it does find a potential problem, it asks us, through our Management Portal, what we think it should do. Many common interactions with the software are automated, so we tell it what to do & you don’t need to be pestered. Or charged extra, as such support is included.

Secondly, it doesn’t try to constantly up-sell more products. It’s an Anti-Virus product and it does exactly what we expect it to do, exceptionally well. But it isn’t looking for more and more sales all the time.

So, why do you really need Webroot Endpoint Protection?

Predictive Threat Intelligence

The way that Webroot works is different to other Anti-Virus products. It’s why Webroot doesn’t appear in reviews of the best AV products, because the reviewers can’t test like for like.

As well as holding a cloud-based database of known threats, Webroot watches the entire web for unexpected behaviour and analyses strange happenings to predict which could become threats.

It takes a proactive approach to prevent virus attacks, sometimes before the competition even know a virus exists.

Fast and Silent
Webroot quietly protects you without interrupting you or slowing you down. It doesn’t rely on old-fashioned threat signatures that need constant updates. It’s the fastest antivirus protection – most scans take only a few minutes – and uses less computer resources than competitor security products, so it doesn’t interrupt your work.

Warns of malicious websites
An enhanced anti-malware engine makes WebRoot Endpoint Protection’s cloud-based detection even more effective at identifying new threats.

It warns you of malicious sites and search results before you even click on them. The Management Portal allows us to be warned of threats as well, so that we can react more quickly. We could be calling you before you’re aware of any issues.

Free Trial
If you’re keen to know more, or to have a free one month trial, call us now on 01670 432 324. Webroot sits quite happily alongside other anti-virus software, so you don’t need to uninstall any existing anti-virus to run the trial.

More information is available at https://computer-support.uk/webroot-anti-virus/ and at this YouTube Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhZ43x9PYz8

Introductory Discount Offer

To celebrate our partnership with Webroot we are offering the software at a discount of 50% to the standard cost of £29.99 (+ VAT) per year, for the first device for the first year, making the cost to you a very nice £14.99 (+ VAT) for the first year.
Webroot Endpoint Protection antivirus
Additional devices can enjoy a discount of 25% for the first year.

The price includes installation and management by us and the offer is valid to 31st March 2020. Call us on 01670 432 324 and mention Webroot Discount Offer.

Domain Hosting Clients Offer
An even better offer is available to clients who also use our Domain Hosting Services. Webroot is available at 50% discount for the first device and 25% for subsequent devices, for ever! Not just for the first year. Brilliant!

Further information on our Domain Hosting Services can be found at https://computer-support.uk/domain-name-hosting/

Fully supported Domain Hosting for only £99.99 (+ VAT) per year. That can include setting up your email accounts on your computers and smartphones too!