This weeks Wellbeing Wednesday session was hosted by Rachel Hunter.

The well-being Wednesday sessions are aimed to support members through this difficult period of our lives by looking after ourselves.

This session took place on Wednesday 13th May 2020.

Take a look for yourself in the video below.

Underneath the video you will also find a PDF Transcript.

Transcript of Video

Okay. Good morning everybody. Hope you’re all well, I’m just going to take a really big deep breath cause although I look quite calm and serene on the top surface, my legs are going like mad and my heart’s going boom, boom, boom so big, deep breath. And I’m just going to, thank you Ann.

This is the first time, although I’ve joined different zooms in the past, I’ve just been a watcher rather than the presenter so bear with me. So I just want to say, first of all, thank you all so much for taking the time to join me and listen to what I have to say. So I’m going to just try and pace myself because I’ve been practicing and I’ve been rehearsing quite a bit. And I, I don’t want to rush it too, too much. So thank you all for being here. Have you got your chocolate bar? Yay. Have you got a pen and paper?

Brilliant. That’s great. Right? So I just want to tell you a little bit about myself and my journey into doing what I’m doing now because this was never on my my life plan or on my agenda. I’d always worked with children, but life experience has taken me down so many different paths and brought me to this destination and I absolutely love what I do.

So I’m Rachel Hunter, my business, this is R and R Therapy and I’m based in South Gosforth as a holistic practitioner. And the reason I got to be where I am now is because I’ve experienced holistic therapies and they’ve helped me on my journey.

So when I was 25 after my first born, I suffered with postnatal depression to the point where on a couple of occasions I had suicidal thoughts and if it hadn’t been for my mum sort of keeping me on the straight and narrow and doctor’s appointments and antidepressants, I probably would have acted on that.

So I took antidepressants for two and a half years and slowly but surely life got back to normal. I went on and had another child and everything was great. And then in 2009, my husband and I had to close our fledgling business really. Because of the credit crunch, we were selling hot tubs and obviously it was a high end luxury product and we couldn’t keep that going. Fortunately he was able to go straight into a new job, which was fantastic. Whereas for me, I took a complete nose dive again and really suffered with a, with a breakdown and my mental health again.

And on one particular day I decided that I was just going to get into the car and find a long straight road and put my foot down on the accelerator and hopefully end it all. And as fast as I put my foot down on the accelerator, I took it straight back off again because I knew it was the wrong thing to do.

It would be completely devastating for everybody that I would be leaving behind. And I came back home and actually you’re the only people I’ve ever told this to. So if you get to know my family, don’t tell them please. Anyway I came home and I started looking at alternatives. What else I could do to help myself and holistic therapy was, was the way to go for me.

So I used reflexology and I used Reiki and it made the world of difference, a complete difference to the way that I live my life and really did save my life. And so from there on life returned to normal, I got another job. And then over a period of time I knew that I wanted to make a change. I wanted to be able to help other people as well. And so at 47 I’m at college and studied reflexology and here I am now doing what I’m doing and I absolutely love it.

So before I ask you sort of to make a start, I hope that wasn’t too heavy and I hope I haven’t pulled anybody down. But bear with me because you’ll see that things are really turned around for me.

And I think as well at this moment in time with the struggles everybody’s having, it’s really hard, you know, and as business women as well sometimes can’t see the wood from the trees, but it’s really important to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going because everything will be fine.

But I just want to read this passage, if that’s all right before I start. If we did not have the problems, we would not learn strength. If we did not have struggles, we would never learn resilience. If we did not have delays, we would never learn patience. If we did not have resistance, we would never learn perseverance. If we did not have hopelessness, we would never learn faith. If we did not have suffering, we would never learn compassion.

And when I read this, this is called Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know by Barbara DeAngelis, I think she’s called. But actually reading that passage just seemed to sum all of my journey up and all of the lessons that I’ve learned just were culminated in that one passage. I still have my wobbles still have my fears, but I don’t worry about what the future holds. I’ve got a completely different perspective on life now and in the past I would have sold it on to my detriment and now I don’t because I really make my own self wellbeing a priority. And that’s what I want to share with you really.

So I hope that was all right to begin with and I’m just going to really focus this session on creating sessions for yourself or elements of time that last between five and 10 minutes. So it’s something that we can all do and it’s something that we have to do. So can you all hear me cause Danielle is apparently lost sound? Can you give me a thumbs up if you can hear me? Oh right. Okay. It must just be Danielle. Okay, great. Right. Can you just get your paper and your pen, I’m going to ask you some questions.

Can you write down, first of all, your top three priorities in life? Just take a moment or two if you just sit back and look a little bit relaxed and then I know you you’ve done it and I’m ready to move on. Okay. Okay.

I’m juust going to scroll across and see what everybody’s doing? See who’s ready. Another couple of minutes. Okay.

Rachel, Claire has said shes lost the sound as well.

Why? Is everybody, is it dipping in and out for everybody or is it?

No, mine just went completely. I think it was at my end but I’ve missed completely what it is you’ve just done.

Okay. Right. Okay. So if you could, if you could just take a moment or two and write down your top three priorities in your life.



Okay. Okay. Okay.

There’s a couple more of you that I think are just still writing away? It’s really food for thought.


Okay. I think we’ll move on. Right? So I’m going to ask you some questions now. Put your thumbs up if you have children, if you put your children in your top three. I think it’s given almost isn’t it that they’re always going to be up there with everybody else. Well, you know, as our priority, right. To sum up, if you put your partner or your spouse, I suppose it depends on what kind of day you’re having. Put your thumb up if you put your parents or your family or your pets. Yeah.

Put family as a whole. So I kind of have that as a given that they were all included.

Yeah, no, that’s absolutely fine. That’s absolutely fine. But yeah, if you put your business as your priority. Okay. Right. The big question here, are you in the top three? Is there anybody who hasn’t put themselves in the top three

I’ve put happy, so that’s about me?

Okay. Right. So, okay. I’m thinking about if you weren’t around the void you would leave behind for your family and your partner and your husband and your children. And then my next question is who would run your business and how would you have somebody able to run the business or would that be it really?

Sorry, was that two questions?

Yes, the one was about how your family would cope. And then the second was about, you know, what was happening with your business. Would you have a business? So really the bottom line is that you need to be in the top three but not only in the top three. You really need to be number one.

Has that made you think? A little bit. So it’s really important we communicate with ourselves positively. So thinking about the language that you use, that you are worthy of taking this time that you shouldn’t feel guilty, that is not selfish when you can start small. You know, I think a lot of the time we think we just haven’t got the time, but actually five minutes, five minutes a day is enough to create what I call is a golden moment. So I’m hoping by the end of the session we’ll all be thinking of some golden moments that you can create for yourself.

So I’ve done, I’ve sort of broken the program down into things that you might do in the morning, things that you might do midday and things that you might do on an evening. So I’ve just made a list. So if I’m going to read through it, if you want to scribble them down and do otherwise just take a bit of a


So number one would be to get up just that little bit earlier and just sit, sip your drink, cup of tea, cup of coffee, whatever you like and have some peace where you can just create your thoughts for the day. Some kind of a plan, you’re actually making some time. I think as mums we tend to get up and when I’ve seen to everybody else and they get, you know, we forget ourselves basically. So eat breakfast, how many of us skip breakfast?

Oh well done Teresa. Yeah, breakfast is just vital. Everybody should be eating it. We shouldn’t go without it at all. Drink more water throughout the day. That’s something else we don’t on the whole do very much. I think when you wake up in the morning, do you put the news on? Do you scroll through your social media? Do you get drawn into the negatives? Don’t do it. Don’t put the news on. If you’ve got somebody on your social media that’s particularly negative, hide them. Or better still delete them. We don’t need the negativity. We’re very good at being negative with ourselves. So you know, just dismiss anybody else that’s doing it.

Choose the colour that you’re going to wear. Colours can be really uplifting. Close your eyes for five minutes and just listen to the sound of nature. How many of you sit in front of the computer for hours on end or the sewing machine or making your jewelry or you know, whatever writing, whatever it might be. Get up and move. Move around. Stick a tune on that you like that just makes you dance. Involve the kids, dance around your kitchen. Text somebody and tell them that you love them. Hopefully you’ll get a message back to say, I love you too. And this is another one that you can do with children as well. If you just revisit a memory to sit quietly, close your eyes, go back to somewhere that you’ve been. Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing?

Really easy things that don’t take very long. My latest big passion is essential oils, use essential oils. It can make a huge difference to how you feel. So at the moment, being home with the family can be quite stressful, I think for, there’s only my husband and my daughter and myself. But we have our moments where we just need to go off and do different things. There are things that irritate me. Example, my bin needs emptying. I shouldn’t just be the bin emptyer of a household. So I’ve been using EFT. So if you can just put your thumbs up if you’ve experienced EFT, which is emotional freedom techniques, brilliant.

So if you’d like to take part, I’ve got an exercise that we could do. Now I don’t want to sort of delve into anything too deep, so we’re just going to focus on something that’s irritating you about your family, about your husband, about your kids. You might be getting texts every five minutes from your mum, whatever it might be. So just choose something that’s quite insignificant, but by working through this now, and hopefully you’ll notice the difference in how you’re feeling and your emotions.

And once you’ve chosen that topic, we give it a number. So starting at zero, working all the way up to time, if it’s a zero, it’s really quite insignificant and I wouldn’t bother with that. If it’s a 10, it might take a little bit longer than just what we’re going to do now. And sometimes it can bring up emotions. So that’s really why I’m not going into anything too deep. And when you’re doing it, you just work with the little plump side of your hand.

And it’s called the karate chop. So you would just tap on your karate point, I’m going to talk, I’m going to just take you through all of the tapping points initially.

No, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how many fingers. It can be one finger, two, three. It doesn’t really matter. Whichever feels more comfortable to you. Once you’ve tapped on your hands and we’ll say a little phrase and then we’ll move on from that phrase and we’ll shorten it to just key words, but then we’ll tap on other parts of the body. So you’ll move to the inside of your eyebrow here. So you need to do that by putting your finger up the side of your nose and then twisting your finger or you can go straight up your nose and go to the left or to the right.

You’re just tapping on the edge of your eyebrow. And then we move around following the eye socket and just tap again only just with one finger. It might be easier for you. And you tap on the side here and then we come down below the eye and tap here. Okay, so you’re following your eye socket and you’re just stopping there.

Brilliant. I can see you all doing it. And then we move down to beneath the nose and tap again and then move on to the chin. After the chin you move on to your collarbone. So you just tap along the collarbone. Brilliant.

And then we’ll go underneath the arm. So it’s not directly under the arm. If you use your bra strap as you go. Right. That’s the area that you would tap. Just tap again that and then finish with the head. Okay. And that’s the, that’s the routine basically.

So we’re going to now just take a big deep breath. We’re going to have a little phrase. So as we tap, we say, even though I have this and then say what your problem is, even though I have this, I deeply and completely accept myself. But even though I have this, I deeply and completely accept myself. Okay. Even though, even though I have this I deeply and completely accept myself, okay.

Now we’re going to move on to the eye. So just tap again. And this time you’ve just got to say what the problem is. So for me it’s emptying the bin. Yeah. Two or three times and then we move on to the side. Brilliant. You’re doing fantastic. And then beneath it I move on to beneath the nose. Onto the chin

And your collarbone and then under your arm, along the bra strap and tap tap.And then finish on the head.

Take a big deep breath and just let that settle. If anybody wants to share any of the issues that they had or what number you were and what number you are on now, has it made any positive changes for any of you?

So I started off as a seven and I’m down to about four. My irritant is my, my husband’s got a prostate condition and he wees really loudly, a lot.

Oh, thank you for sharing that out Ann.

You do know this is recorded?

Yeah, but he’s gone upstairs. He won’t get to see it.

Thank you. So did it, did it help anybody else? Did anybody else feel that you don’t have to say what the problem was but it could do, do any of you feel a shift?

Yeah. mine was, I don’t often get angry, but I do get angry at people who don’t socially distance properly and I keep getting really cross about that and going to the point where I drive so fast in the car.

Did you rate yourself Sarah?

I was up at eight, Right?

Probably about a five or

So. It doesn’t, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to eradicate the problem altogether, but you could then do another round and you might go from being a five to being a three. And it’s something that you can just continue to work on and it’s, it’s such an easy technique. You could do it, you know, sitting on the loo or in the shower or wherever and just help you to, to just calm yourself a little bit more. So thank you for doing that. That’s really it’s been brilliant.

I understood the other locations, but why under the arm?

It’s all linked to the meridians. So all the Meridian points that you have running through your body, they’re all connected and it’s just working your way through that process of tapping on all of them.

We did this with my son because he had really bad sleep issues and fears of burglars and things like that. When we did the ESP with him to help him sleep. And he’s only about seven, eight, but it was really effective. It’s brilliant. And it’s a good little tool too for himself to feel like he’s empowered.

And I think it’s something that we can really focus on cause you know what we’re living through at the moment. Nobody’s ever had any experience of this before and so just for us, we’re just putting one foot in front of the other. So for the children, the enormity of it is quite, you know, hard to comprehend. So you can teach your children to do that as well. It does it just, just to help you feel a little bit calmer. So it’s just having these little tools in your toolbox that you can revisit as and when you need them. And by making these small changes, you’re in control of your lives, you are in control of how you run your business rather than your business and your life being in control of you.

So when you’re feeling at your best, then it’s a win win situation because everybody else benefits too. So I think it’s quite an important one to do.

So talking about being in the environment that we’re in with our families at the moment. I’ve just got a few more things that you could add to your list. So this next five is really to involve the family as well. So delegate chores, it’s a biggie. Yeah. The kids, if you’ve got little ones to make their beds, it probably won’t look as if they’ve made it, but they’ve tried and they’re learning. And actually that’s when my kids were small, that’s what I would struggle with. I would be tapping away, you know at the fact that they’d made their beds was fine and I would be able to, you know, cope with that.

Discuss having golden moments as a family. What would everyone like to do with themselves if they were to go off for 10 or 15 minutes on their own and allowing each of us to have that space and, and valuing it as well. Make a wishlist. It could be as far fetched as possible, but it’s escaping. It’s just using your imagination and having a little bit of escapism.

I’ve been doing this within my, there’s a book I read, like a day book, every day, and the thing is write a

comfort list and it’s just been so nice. I do it in the morning when I wake up.

Yeah. And these things don’t take very long either do they, you know, it’s something that you can factor into your day. And then my other one was just to be completely still. To do nothing for five minutes. You might do it with your partner or your husband and end up in fits of giggles. You could do it with the kids and end up being just it’s insane. It’s just making everybody aware that we all need that space and we need that time for doing absolutely nothing. And I think my children are concerned, they’re under so much pressure now to be doing things all the time. It’s great to just stop and it’s vital. So for yourselves, be strict with yourself, have a cutoff point, Lena.

Turn off your phone, put your social media away, everything into airplane mode. Even if you could do one night a week where you have a night of doing nothing or you could make the decision that come half a seven, you are going to stop. It’s just, it’s making, it’s making that choice and sticking to it and creating a pattern, which is really important.

I do that with my phone. If we’re going to watch a film at night, I purposely put my phone in the kitchen so I’m not tempted when we’re watching the film.

Yeah. Cause it’s so easy to just pick them up, isn’t it? They’re on the arm of the chair or whatever and the light comes on and you just, you’re picking it up and you know, seeing what’s going on. So yeah,

A lot of my customers contact me at evening if they want help and advice, which is good cause I don’t want to not answer them because if they’re going through difficulty, but yeah it can have an impact

But it’s hard. It’s hard isn’t it? It’s getting that fine balance right? Because your wellbeing is just as important as everybody else’s, isn’t it? It is. It’s a fine line. What else was I going to say? Pay attention to your feelings. You know, don’t just shake them off and ignore them. Sometimes you do need to just go in into yourself a little bit and work out what it is that’s the matter with you. And why are you feeling a little out of kilter with yourself? So we must give to ourselves as much as we give to others. Don’t compare yourself to others either. We’re all unique and we can all do things differently.

Yeah, it’s something that we do. An awful lot of them and we really shouldn’t, but it’s, again, it’s the way we’ve sort of grown up. It’s the things that we’ve done, isn’t it?

Right. Okay. So my next exercise I’ve got is called the Jin shin Jyutsu technique. I don’t know if you’ve heard of that. Jin shin. So shin on your leg and then Jitsu. Okay. And it’s holding your digits. It’s holding your thumb, your finger, your middle finger, your ring finger and your little finger. And these all correspond with different aspects of your wellbeing as well. So very much linked to the meridians as we’ve just done with EFT.

So your thumb is anxiety. Anything that you feel anxious about. Your index finger is fear, your middle finger is anger, your ring finger could be grief or sadness. And your little finger self esteem or confidence.

Sorry, what was the last one?

Self esteem or your confidence. So we could go through the whole of the exercise, but I’m conscious of time. So if there’s one element of, of that that I’ve mentioned to you. For me, I was feeling really anxious before I started doing this with about four hours sleep. It was just ridiculous. And so I’m just gonna hold my thumb. Okay. So just hold it quite firm. Completely wrap your hand, the other hand around it. That’s it. And just breathe.

Sometimes you start to feel a slight pulsating and that’s showing that you’re starting to connect. Your energy is balancing.

When you feel it started to make a difference. And you want to stop, just pop your hands down.

Sam, I did that. I posted a picture. I took a photograph of my hands and using Canva I just wrote all of the words down my finger and then I posted it onto my Facebook page.

So you could colour it in. You could do all kinds of things that you can do, but it’s a good thing to do if you’re, you know, if you want to share it with your clients or even if it is a reminder to yourself as well.

Yeah, Sam said she’d like to draw it. It’s a good thing to do. Okay.

Right. So I think we’re all done. I can see. So some more ideas here for you now. So next time you’re shopping by yourself, some herbs that don’t cost very much at all. And this is basil and it smells absolutely gorgeous. So herbs, mint, thyme, basil. The scent from basil is scent to enhance your mood and mint boosts your energy and it gives clarity and thyme is emotionally uplifting. So they’re just the things that you can have at home, you know, you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune on and yet they just smelling them can make a massive difference to how you feel.

Can you say which ones those, what they were again?

Yeah, so basil that lifts your mood. It enhances your mood. Mint boosts your energy and it gives you clarity and thyme is emotionally uplifting. So wear your favorite perfume. Who saves the perfume for when they’re going out? We just, we don’t use it enough. So yeah, spray it on. Put some on Rachel. Tell a joke.

I put my perfume on this morning.

You did? Good for you. Yeah.

Good. I put in with all of my orders little joke cards and they’re called knock knocks and they look like little hangers, like little door hangers.

Brilliant idea. I was going to tell you a joke but I meant to pull it out in advance and I’m not even going to attempt it because it won’t be funny. So if anybody’s got a good joke they want to share then shout out!

Decide on a new hobby. Think of some, particularly now when we’ve got this little bit more time on our hands. Sit and do some colouring in. I’ve recently written a children’s meditation and Lorraine Hall sent it out in a, in a newsletter to her children at school and she’s drawn this beautiful picture to go out with it. So just sit and colour, it’s lovely. It’s really mindful.

Or embroidery.

Yeah I know that one you’ve done now is lovely.

Well I’m waiting for it to arrive cause I’ve not done that one myself, but I can’t wait until it arrives. But I’m doing an elephant at the moment.

It’s just nice to be able to drift away and sit and do these things without having to focus on anything else.

Mind, I was doing it in the garden in the gorgeous sunshine the other day and something hit my head and landed on my leg and a bird had poo’d on me. But luckily it didn’t hit the cross stitch cause I wouldn’t have been able to put that in the washing.

Yeah. Do a vision board. Who’d have thought when we did our vision board in January, I know Rachel, you’ve just done another one, haven’t you? Do a new one.

Show some kindness to somebody. That can make you feel so much different.

If you’re feeling particularly low and then you wake up in the morning, just choose two goals that you want to achieve and that’s it. Don’t put yourself under any more pressure than you need to. Make things achievable and that can lift you.

If you’ve got some oats in the house and a clean old sock and some essential oils, you can mix a bowl of oats, you can put a couple of drops of essential oils in, put them into your sock, tie it and you can use it in the bath or the shower. And the oats are really, you know, they help take away the dry skin, very moisturizing and what else did I put there? They’re very good for sensitive skin too. So that’s just something cheap and cheerful that you can do but make yourself feel really quite different at home.

What oils would you recommend?

My go to is lavender, I love lavender, but if you wanted to use some things in the morning, you could use lime or grapefruit or bergamot, any of the citrus ones cause they’re really quite uplifting. So it depends on what time you’re showering and what you’re wanting to get from that. Because I do have a stock of essential oils. So if anybody did want to order them then they could. You know, they don’t have to cost an absolute fortune and they can last for ages. As long as you’re careful when you’re using them.

Make sure you tie your socks cause once I forgot and ended up with a porrige bath.

We’ve used it for years, because we have really bad skin rashes and it’s particularly good for chicken pox.

Yeah, you can use without spending an absolute fortune. You could have a positive affirmation. So one my favourites, my favourite is, this is only temporary. There’s been two occasions where I’ve had to take long spells out of the business due to accidents. And I’m just repeating. This is only temporary. It really helped me and it’s helping me hugely now as well. So find something that resonates with you. create it on Canva, put it on your phone as your screensaver or your computer, type it out, stick it on your computer screen. There’s lots of things you can do with it, but just by reading something that resonates with you can make a big difference to how you’re feeling.

And then my last one was to write, have a journal, but divide your journal into four sections. So it’s called the GG R R journal. So it’s the giving, receiving, sorry, the gratitude, the giving, the receiving and the rejoicing.

And you can have that by your bedside. Write down those four things have happened during the day before you settle down to sleep.

Can you say the four again?

Yes. So it’s gratitude, giving, receiving and rejoicing.

And that’s a great thing to do with children as well.

I was just trying to get the balance right and a calm mind is your ultimate weapon against your battles. So relax and remember to reward yourself. Look how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go, which brings me on to chocolate. I bet you’re thinking, God, when are you going to get around to that? Okay, so you can turn your screens off for this if you would prefer as we’re going to start doing a meditation with our chocolate.

If you can just get yourselves very comfortable. Make sure your feet are firmly on the floor and your back’s nice and straight. If you make sure that you put your chocolate open and just break off a small piece and breathe, hold it gently or have it near at hand so it doesn’t melt.

Once you’re comfortable, allow your body to relax and to feel supported. Notice the sounds in the room or outside the room, and gradually bring your attention inwards to your breath. Take a few moments just breathing and being aware of how it feels to be here now.

Now bring your attention to the chocolate. Really notice it. Notice the weight of the chocolate. Is it light? Is it heavy? Notice it’s texture. Is it soft or hard? Grainy or smooth?

Notice the temperature of it. Is it warm? Is it cold?

Notice any urges to eat it and try to gently bring your attention back to the sensation of the chocolate in your hand

If they are closed now open your eyes and gaze the piece of chocolate in your hand. Notice it’s shape and color and how you feel about it. Do you feel anything about it?

Right. It’s time to smell the chocolate.

Slowly bring it up to your nose. Noticing when the chocolatey scent first reaches your senses. When it does, just sit for a moment. Appreciating the aroma. It might be mixing in with other smells that you hadn’t previously noticed. It might have a stronger scent than you’ve noticed chocolate to have before.

The urge to eat it may be stronger and even greater.

Notice these things and enjoy the feeling of sitting comfortably. Taking in the smell of chocolate

Allowing your attention to soften now so that you still have an awareness of the feel and the smell of the chocolate, but widening your focus. Take in the sensations. Bring the chocolate up to your nose and take a small nibble.

What is the first taste of the chocolate like? How does it feel on your tongue? Notice any flavors and sensations, however anticipated or expected they are.

Now, place the rest of the chocolate in your mouth enjoying the tastes you were experiencing. Flavour, subtle and strong. Hold the chocolate in your mouth for as long as possible, letting it out, letting your tongue explore its textures and tastes.

Finally, when the chocolate is gone, bring your attention back to your senses. Notice whether there is still a residual chocolatey taste in your mouth. The smells and your awareness have changed.

Bring your attention back to your breath, and to the feelings going on inside you. Rest for a moment, just breathing.

And to be aware of how you feel. Is it different in any way to how you felt at the start of the meditation? Bring your attention to the rest of the room. The sounds you can hear, the cushions or floor or chair beneath you, and the weight of your body. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Okay. And that’s my session finished. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Thank you for coming along.

That was lovely, thank you.

You’re very welcome. Does anyone have any questions?

Would you be able to post on here on the group the things you say when you’re doing the tapping?

Yeah, definitely. I’ll follow on with some comments in the main group or on here. I’m not quite sure how, but yeah, definitely I’ll do that. Do you all feel calmer than you did when you first looked on this morning?

Yeah. Brilliant.


Rachel, I was wondering the EFT that you went through before you kind of said to pick up like, I dunno, a new rotation from sort of around about, is that something that you could use perhaps at bedtime? Cause I’ve got to a point where I’m actually not putting off going to bed, but I feel really uneasy going to bed at night cause I sleep so badly and I’m so disturbed that I kind of, I’m not looking forward to going to bed. It’s kind of like, yeah, it’s not a comfortable thing to do.

Yeah. So for yourself, I think it would be really wise, you know, I don’t know half an hour before you do go to bed if you just create a calm environment. So soft lighting, gentle music, and just sit quietly without food for a while and, and, and do the EFT but I can get in touch with you and I can talk you through some things. And you know, we’ll come up with some terminology that might help you. Right.

I’ll give this a go. And then and this quite a few of the things that have been mentioned to you that I’ve thought might be here might be helpful as well. It’s just that kind of totally full head that I can’t get rid of at all at the end of the day.

Yeah. I mean, you can talk with, you know, I’m ready for sleep or I’m feeling relaxed or I’m feeling calm, you know, any, any positive terminology that you can use. But yeah.

Right. Thank you. Thank you.

Very, very welcome. I’m just having a quick peek at some of the chat.

Can you hear me? I’ve got a question. I’m just curious about the chocolate. I found it really interesting. I actually went off it more and more. I realised I went off the idea of chocolate, the more I did it. Just wondered what that was. So I thought actually I should do that with wine!

You’re breaking up on me Teresa, but I think you can do that. Really it’s just a case of bringing yourself in on yourself and really, you know, just taking that time to savour something because we live such a fast paced life that we just, you know, we even eat our meals without really savouring the flavours. So it, that’s basically what it was. You just to bring yourself back in and to really focus on you.

It’s bad connection from my end. It made me realize that chocolate actually doesn’t taste that nice when you really,

Depends on the type of chocolate that you’re buying as well. You know, you might find that one of the richer, darker chocolates might suit you better. I mean, I’m not, I’m not encouraging you into eating chocolate. You could do it with cucumber. You could do it with tomotoes, whatever.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Thank you. Very welcome. I don’t know if you wanted to say anything Suzanne or anybody else has got anything they wanted to ask.

Thank you very much for the session, Rachel. I normally hide when it comes to meditation, I always go no, not for me, but I was open and I’m becoming more open to things, but think I need to change my mindset anyway.

Yeah. And you know, you don’t have to throw yourself so deeply into things. You can’t just dip your to in the water. And you know, on YouTube you can find meditations that last five to six minutes. You don’t have to.

No. Yeah. It’s always worth a try.

It’s just meditation isn’t it. I know some people, like my family used to be really quiet skeptical about thinking it was a spiritual thing, but it isn’t at all to the point where my parents actually trained because they saw the difference to my stress levels and anxiety. So I think things like even maybe trying something like the calm app, which has the free version, there’s stuff there to help with sleep also. And it’s scientifically proven, but it’s not a like an fan.

Yeah. I think it’s really changing hugely now.

It was the doctors that told me to do it.

I’ve downloaded the child version called Moshy and it’s a little storytelling, but it’s got music on there as well. And my four year old is asleep within 15 minutes now. You would battle for two hours to three hours before.

There’s one called Yoga Nidra. N I D R A. I’ll see if I can find you a link. So that’s a nice one to do at bedtime because you can do it lying down. I get insomnia and it’s one of the things that I do. So if you want to call me or email, I’m sure I’ve got a link to a 20 minute one and it’s lovely.

It’s just helping you to relax isn’t it? It’s just helping you to switch off.

I was just going to say as well, I find meditation can be hard when your mind sort of like 100 miles an hour and sometimes I’m sitting there thinking that I need to clear my thoughts and, and whatever and it gets quite sort of stressful cause I can’t, but whereas the mindfulness yeah, kind of like you’re focusing on your senses. Like you know, yeah, you’re listening to feelings or it’s sort of like you’re not trying to empty your mind. You’re actually just kind of tapping into your, your senses, which is really so it just really makes you feel quite chilled out. So I quite like it.

And guided meditations as well. They can make such a difference because you’re actually listening to somebody telling me what to do. Just having complete silence. And then you might, I mean your mind does wander anyway and you’re not going to change that. It’s just calming it down.

Something like being aware that your mind is wandering away is the key. Not actually clearing your soul, but actually, Oh, bring yourself back.

And you don’t have to sit in silence in a dark room. You could be meditating while you’re walking. You can be meditating while you put in the washing on the line. People have this preconceived idea of what meditation is. And, and not wanting to even venture down that path cause it’s a little bit, you know, weird. So yeah, there’s lots, there’s lots you can do.

Rachel, remember I mentioned you 21 days of abundance meditation with Deepak Chopra and you know me, I don’t meditate. You know me well because I’ve kept going to Rachel every month. But because I do lots of personal development intensively, I’m very analytical, that’s why it doesn’t work for me. I could not see why. I needed to always answer why. But 21 days of attracting abundance in your life is Deepak Chopra because it’s not just meditation. We have WhatsApp group and I have all that meditation. So we could do it if anybody wants so everyone in WhatsApp groups.

So every day somebody was posting this meditation and tasked to do basically like, okay, look into your finances, something that we don’t do it or write a letter to your friend or write a letter to somebody who really made your life as you think difficult and what’s come up for you. And I really love that it just, and my husband’s doing, who’s never done it. And if anyone, if I can send you day one, Rachel, you’ll look into that. But I’m starting to do this again from Monday because lots open up for me, absolutely lots.

And that’s really good that you’ve, you’ve made that time because I know you always prioritize everything else. So the fact that you’ve actually done that is really,

It’s true. And to be honest, they’re like April, in terms of business, I did not put too much effort but it was floating very smoothly. If it makes sense cause I was not stressed and about this, then I need to bring that income and that income came to me just because my customers probably felt like I’m relaxed and it’s brilliant. I can recommend to anyone this one, especially if you cannot meditate and you’re like me constantly on the go and you know, just Rachel if you want, you can create that group and we can do it if anyone wants.

But thank you and I’m missing when you coming back? I go to Rachel every month and Reiki once, I would say, saved my life. I go there and at the moment it’s so difficult. So just let us know when you’re back.

As soon as I’m going back everyone will know. Thank you.

Just the next session. Thank you very much. Rachel. Next weeks session is Pilates with Vicky Smith, so I’m waiting to find out what if, what equipment? It’s probably just a yoga mat or something.

Comfortable and comfy clothing and then the following week we’ll have a Kathryn Forte and Suzanne Milbourne and we’re going to do double session that, but it will be one session with Kathryn and then after that a shorter session with Suzanne., She’s doing one after that as well. And that’ll take us to the end of the month. Thank you very much.